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Jan 20, 2013 10:34 AM


The Swank family got delivery from Belmont's Golden Garden over the weekend. Normally we get takeout, but we were loafing and risked a delivery order.
First of all, the woman on the phone could not have been nicer. Ordered peking ravioli, green bean noodle in spicy sauce, tangerine beef, and chicken & chinese cabbage in spicy chili sauce. The woman asked if we knew that the green bean noodle was cold (we did) and took down the order. In a mere half-hour, we were tucking into our dinners, delivered by a very appreciative deliveryman.

Now. Normally we go for the Hound standards here -- cumin lamb etc. I went rogue with the chili chicken. Hounds, this was one of the most amazing dishes I've had at any Chinese restaurant ANYWHERE. And piping hot! Amazingly ma la -- numbing, tingly, spicy. Succulent. Tons of chili oil. And it held up well in a car! Who knew? Peking raviolis were juicy and plump. Green bean noodle was refreshing and sprinkled with dry heat. Mr. Swank liked his beef too, though he was quite envious of my chicken dish. Honestly, it was just luscious.

Thank you Golden Garden for a delightful meal. The Swanks offer our salivating vote of confidence.

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  1. That whole series of x protein & cabbage in chili sauce dishes they have are amazing. My favorite is actually the fried tofu version - perfectly fried tofu that's soaked up the sauce. It winds up with this amazing, melting texture - heaven! I personally think the chicken version is kind of lame in comparison, but it sounds like you got a version with a bit more ma la than I've ever gotten.

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      Alright, you sold me........WOW, can't wait to try...thanks!

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        i have never gotten a lot of ma la, but I am a big fan of GGs.

        i was worried that they would fail, but it appears that things are going well.

      2. so fun to read about experiences like this!

        1. I'm a fan of their pickled wood ear mushrooms (in the cold appetizer section). Not ma la but hot with bird chiles or jalapeno.