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Jan 20, 2013 10:32 AM

Cupcake shop in scarborough

Hi guys... The other day while driving in Scarborough I noticed that there is a brand new cupcake shop. It's at the corner of Markham and eglinton. Has anyone tried it? I'm sorry I forgot its name but it was a temporary sign written in red.

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  1. Dinesafe comes in handy for more than just public health and safety. If it has food, they have it in their databank.

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    1. re: Googs

      Oops sorry. Just noticed googs post. I've never been to the happy pantry, sorry!

    2. "So into cupcakes" is that the place you saw? If it is. It is very pedestrian and Didn't taste fresh to me.

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      1. re: plug

        So Into Cupcakes is at Markham & Ellesmere.