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Jan 20, 2013 09:38 AM

Le Tigre, a "modern Asian cuisine" street cart in Vancouver

I started a general street cart thread that people have generously posted to, but wanted to highlight this cart as it is situated near my office on Fridays.

The first time I tried it was at the Winter Farmers' Market on a Saturday in December. I tried the beet fries and a pork nuggety dish that seems to have cycled off the menu. Both were excellent, innovative and tasty, plus relatively easy to eat which is an issue for street food. The coating on the beet fries had a tendency to fall off a bit but not a deal breaker.

Next time I visited, it was for lunch on a Friday in January and I got the kick ass rice with chicken and the warm brussel sprout and cauliflower salad. The salad was an instant hit, lots of hits of flavour and perfectly cooked. The rice kinda snuck up on me. At first bite, I thought it was incorrectly named. "This rice is not kicking my ass," thought I. More bites revealed the sneaky subtlety of the seasonings, and the creamy feel of the soft egg on the rice. I didn't get any hit of chiles, and was actually okay with that. These dishes together were an extremely substantial (almost too much) lunch and so a good value for $12 all in. I work close enough so that I could take them back to the office for a quick photo and not lose significantly on the quality.

The food I've tried so far feels a bit healthier which is nice too.

Here's the current menu (scroll down past the holiday offerings) which I plan to go through sequentially!

The young men who own and run this truck are very welcoming and will chat with you but somehow manage to get the food out PDQ, which hasn't been the case at other trucks I've tried who are prepping to order. To be fair, I've only visited twice and there was not a big line or anything either time but so far so good. They also offer the option to call or email and preorder.

The cart's downtown spot is at Alberni and Bute. I haven't visited it there as I am not often downtown during the week.

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  1. they were also at the winter farmer's market at hillcrest 2 weeks ago.. :D

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    1. re: hamsup

      I think they might be there every Saturday -- that's where I first tried them and I seem to see them listed weekly.

    2. Thanks for highlighting this truck, grayelf. I think they're pretty awesome too. I bought several of their dishes at the winter farmer's market a few weeks ago and took some photos (it was extremely sunny that morning!). I particularly recommend the steamed bun/pulled pork sandwich which is incredibly more-ish - the bun is so soft and pillowy and the asian flavours combine surprisingly well with the BBQ pork. Also pictured are the infamous beet fries which come with a spicy mayo dip, and the angry tiger balls (which are a lot like risotto balls, but with some asian flavour elements like spicy mayo and nori).

      The food is always hot, very flavourful, healthy and reasonably priced and the hardworking staff are so friendly.

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      1. re: geekmom

        gm, thanks a bunch for adding some more pix, they are really attractive. The day we snacked at the farmers market it was cold and drizzly and the camera stayed in my purse :-).

        I REALLY want to try that bao now. I had a lovely one at street cart Chairman Bao in SF in Nov and am anxious to see how this one stacks up. It looks bigger, for starters. Also keen to test the balls, if only to hear the order placed in the truck, teehee.

        The day I visited on S Granville, there was a local fisher chatting with the boys about supplying them with fresh fishy products. So locavore!