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Jan 20, 2013 09:37 AM

any freshly ground Turkish (Arab,Israeli) coffee available in St Louis?

We love Turkish coffee with cardamon, but don't like the packaged varieties that are available. Do you know of any place in St Louis that can grind its own coffee and put the cardamon in it?


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  1. call the Vine on South Grand. dunno if they grind, but they might know someone who does.

    1. Grinders, even the decent burr grinders (not the kind that work like a blender but pour beans in the top and they come out the bottom) can be had for maybe $35. Not hard to do it yourself, and it's not like you couldn't use it for other coffee, too. I'm pretty sure nobody is doing that kind of stuff. Dunno where you're buying the packaged stuff - have you been to Global on Kirkwood? They have brands there I saw in Israel.