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Jan 20, 2013 08:25 AM

Why do my fresh baked goods never taste as sweet right out of the oven?

First off, I am not an avid cook or baker. I dabble in cooking and basically try not to burn the water too badly. However on occasion, I do like baking things Friendship Cinnamon Bread that comes from a 10 day old cultured starter that I keep going. But one thing I've noticed since I started making that bread is that it is never as sweet tasting as it is after it cools. It smells great coming out of the oven that I can rarely ever resist not getting a bite of it. But the slice the next morning is ALWAYS more flavorful and sweeter. It's not just the Cinnamon bread either. It's other things as simple as cookies.

This is contrary to the way I've heard baking should be (best out of the oven). So I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong either in my prep or in the recipe I'm using. I'm just curious as to what would cause baked goods to improve in flavor and sweetness over a 12 hr cool down time.

Any ideas?

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  1. I haven't really noticed this except for spiced items (gingersnaps, pumpkin spice muffins). Their flavour definitely develops over time. Actually, "aged" brownies can also be amazing. But I think the "fresh out of the oven" thing is really more about texture and temp than flavour, strictly speaking. And sometimes those two factors can even mask inferior flavour or distract from amazing flavour. I don't know why spices need time to ripen.

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      Thinking about this some more I realized that when I baked a lot and compared different recipes, I never felt I could properly assess/analyze a recipe until it had cooled. I still prefer a freshly baked texture in most items, but definitely fully cooled, in terms of flavour. So I agree with you.

      1. Then maybe it isn't just me. It just is what it is.

        1. Contrary to popular belief, most baked goods, especially sweets, are best after they have cooled. Like ipsedixit said, heat dulls the senses. The same for cold. Ever eaten melted ice cream and thought how sweet it is? That's because the freezing cold temp of ice cream numbs your sense of taste. It is overly sweet to compensate for this.