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Jan 20, 2013 07:49 AM

Il Granaio

I wonder if it's not a mistake to publicize this place, which is already pretty popular. Still, I appreciate it when others on this board steer me to a really good deal.

Il Granaio in Concordville is one of the best around here. Just plain good Italian pastas, salads, and traditional dishes, including excellent fish. I don't know how long it's been open, but it was packed on Friday night. The service was friendly and professional; they'll even banter with you in Italian, even if your Italian is pretty awful. And that's the point of this place, these are real Italians; they're not third- or fourth-generation, and neither is the food. The pastas alone could keep me going for my next ten visits.

Believe me, they don't waste a lot of money on decor, just wooden tables in a converted house (possibly once a professional office), but that suits me fine. It results in a great meal for a modest tab. You don't come here for a big occasion, just for a really good meal.

I didn't detect any regional emphasis. The fish I got was Livornese, but I wouldn't draw a conclusion from that.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Homemade pasta and arancini according to their website. Sounds wonderful.

    1. I had dinner there for the second time just this past Wednesday, and for a mid-week evening, it was pretty packed. I appreciate the unpretentiousness of the place. The food isn't fancy, but it's prepared nicely. My husband had the fish special, which was pan seared tuna, and he really enjoyed it. I had a veal chop that was pounded thin, breaded and fried and served over an arugula salad. Very enjoyable. I also appreciate that it's BYO with no corkage fee.

      I was first made aware of Il Granaio by the folks who run Pagano's in the Old Ridge Village shopping area in Chadds Ford. They told me it was "authentic Delaware County Italian" and raved about their arancini.

      One word of advice to anyone thinking of going on a Friday or Saturday -- make sure you have a reservation. It really is a popular spot.