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Jan 20, 2013 07:24 AM

Palm Beach County closings 2013

I just read that Five Guys on Clematis has closed due to the low turnout for dinner hours. Bobbi Sue BBQ is experiencing the same but I understand that these places are not dinner draws for most people.

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  1. The Water Bar & Grill formerly Oakwood Grill has closed it's doors in PGA Commons West

    1. 2 have gone on Atlantic in Delray, firstly Gol! closed last week, and then last night we noticed that the Irish bar next door Johnnie Browns (the old Elwoods) has also shut its doors. Nothing seems to work at that location.

      Gol was overpriced and I liked it at first but the quality of the salad bar went downhill in the past few years and it seemed obvious they were cutting corners.

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        Apologies, Paddy McGees has not closed down, it just happened to be closed Tuesday evening. It was open tonight when I went to 'On The Avenue' but not busy.

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          Yeah noticed the same last night and actually stopped in for a drink. I don't think it would shock anyone if it did close though.

          Gol definitely is closed. I can see that spot getting snapped up quickly. The building is a delray landmark with a lot if history.

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            This time it is official. To the surprise of no one, Paddy McGee's is dead.

            Prime location available in the heart of Downtown Delray's restaurant district!

            Other than an apparent jinx on all businesses that open here, it's a no-brainer!

      2. We tried Bobbi Sue BBQ out over Sunfest weekend. I've read about bad service and such, but they had plenty of help on hand that weekend.

        It's a cool place inside and the smell of hickory smoke is a good welcome. I had the 3 choice entree with baby backs ($4 extra), pulled pork, and brisket with fried green tomatoes and mac n cheese. The ribs were good but I only got 3 bones worth. The pulled pork was the best of the three and had the bark that is a good indication of how it was done. The brisket was sliced thin and I have never had good thin sliced brisket ever.

        The 3 sauces were good - Carolina mustard, Memphis sweet, and the house. The fried green tomatoes were ho hum average and not seasoned at all. The mac n cheese was worth about 3 bites before I declared it some of the worst I have ever had.

        Would I go back? Possibly for that pulled pork that would have made for a great sandwich. Wait a minute NEWS FLASH.....Bobbi Sue BBQ has now closed I just read. Yikes! Farewell Bobbi Sue!

        From their FB page "While we're are leaving Clematis Street, we are not leaving South Florida. Be on the lookout for the Bobbi Sue BBQ Food Truck coming to events near you!!!"

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Aleyda's Tex Mex On Okeechobee Blvd is now closed. I heard it was good but I never got to try it.

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              I also saw that FUKU said they were "closed for the summer." That's usually bogus, especially when it's written free handed on a sheet of paper. It never seemed busy.

              1. re: ChowShoe

                Fuku was required to open up again as their lease says they have to do "continuous business".