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Jan 20, 2013 06:57 AM

glass cook top

Has anyone used bar keepers friend to clean black marks off a glass cook top? Just bought a container of bkf after reading some reviews I feel unsure if I should use it.

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    1. Hi, catface:

      Sure, it will work. The question is if it works *too* well.

      The manufacturer recommends a different product for glass stove tops. See, Regular BKF is abrasive and caustic enough IME that it will, with regular use, also wear the marks that are *meant* to be there, i.e., the hob markings. I have a black glass cooktop that has white speckled hob markings, and these speckles are subject to being scoured off--leaving what looks like stains but in fact are clean bare areas.

      Regular BKF has oxalic acid, whereas their cooktop cleaner utilizes citric acid (which they describe as "gentle"). I'd stick with a product dedicated to cleaning Ceran cooktops.


      1. thanks Kelao will follow your advice

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          Hi, catface:

          You're very welcome.

          The thing about BKF is, you're only out $1.79 for a whole can, and it does a good job on many other things. Even Bon Ami, which is considerably gentler and finer than BKF, warns:

          "Do not use on windows, glass or mirrors. Test in a hidden spot on polished or glossy surfaces prior to using."


        2. I used to own an AMANA glass top, and I loved it. It was labor intensive to clean, and I never used anything but the recommended cleaner or Bon Ami. It looked new after 10 years of heavy use when I sold my house. I later went back to the house when the later owner listed it for sale, and the cooktop looked like a disaster. They had managed to erase some of the circles and the glass was mottled and a mess.

          I loved cooking on that thing as it was a good compromise between gas and electric, but you must take care of it, let it cool before cleaning, and use very non-abrasive cleaners.