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Jan 20, 2013 06:41 AM

Unexpected good food and and wine

Have car. Staying in Buckhead. Price not an issue. Had planned to go to Paris ( it's a birthday trip) but post surgery prevented a long trip. Have lined up: Restaurant Eugene, Woodside Grille, South City Kitchen ( midtown) and Bacchanalia. Thoughts? Enough variation? Better choices? Thanks Hounds. ( leaving next Friday).

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  1. Definitely Restaurant Eugene and Bacchanalia. Chef Gillespie has left Woodfire Grill and there are better examples of southern cooking than South City Kitchen.
    I'd look into Empire State South, Miller Union and The Optimist.

    My two personal favorites are the sister restaurants of your first two choices, Abattoir and Holman and Finch.

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      Thanks for the recs. if we were to switch out South City for Italian or high end Asian ( change of pace) what would your thoughts be? Sunday night a challenge perhaps.

    2. for steak house id look at McKendricks at Perimter.If you like Chinese, try Gu's bistro for incredible szechuan For very good countryt french go to Le Peteite Maison on Roswell rd--owner/chef and all wait staff is family, small venue so make res--not overlay expensive, and they have excellent wine list, as does Mck---please post a trip report of your take

      1. veni vidi vinci is excellent high end spot---the piglet is very good
        Priccis is also very good their ossobucco is incredible

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          Already switched out SouthCity for Pricci on Sunday evening. Wood fire replacement on Saturday evening remains a is Horseradish Grille? I was there years ago and recall it being good and fun.

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            I cannot recommend Pricci for Italian. Either Sotto Sotto or La Tavola are much better choices. For something more southern you might try Miller Union or 4th and Swift.

            1. re: dlight

              I was going to suggest Sotto Sotto also.

              I would pick one of the other suggestions over Horseradish Grill. It's been a long time, but I don't think it's gotten any better.

        2. to me thyre about the same, i like Pricci because they have the osso bucco and vey comfy seating,whch i like. I was raised in the italian part of NYC, and Pricci reminds of the Italian there. Not alot of fanciful stuff, just real Italian like from the home country

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          1. re: bobstripower

            Thanks for all the suggestions. New line up:
            Restaurant Eugene
            Sotto Sotto
            4th and Swift

            Will report back.

          2. just out of curiuosity i checked trip advisor and the top 100 rated resaurants in Atanat in Jezebel annual ratings On TA Pricci is 42, Sotto 172--In Jezebel Pricci is 37 Sotto not in top 100.Some of the negatives were very noisy and cramped at Sotto--FYI

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              If you are going for "very comfortable seating" I wouldn't pick Sotto Sotto. But, if you're seeking really great Italian food Sotto Sotto is one of Atlanta's best options. I can't say that I have high regard for Jezabel's ratings and I am not at all familiar with Trip Advisor. I do know that my last two experiences with Pricci were dismal at best. The last time we waited for over 30 minutes for our car as the valet had major problems. We called the restaurant the next day to inform them of the trouble and they showed zero concern. I wasn't surprised with their attitude as the Buckhead Life Group has rested on their laurels for some time now.

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                "not familiar with trip advisor" hmmm!! its a really great forum for travel, the best around probably.No i dont go to a restaurant for the seating, but if i have a choice between sitting on a hard metal chairs , everything else being equal, ill take a comfy seat. For me i dont go back to a restaurant that was dismal, --for sure i wouldnt pay for a meal i didnt like or worse thought was "dismal" I was just trying to fill in the poster with recognized ratings site, w/o a bias-- Ill await his review and see how he likes it--hope he can find it, i know i had trouble.Good luck with all the meals for the poster