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Jan 20, 2013 06:33 AM

Il Forno West Boylston, MA

My friend organized a dinner for 14 at 6:30. My daughter and I arrived at 6:30 to a bustling busy family oriented dining spot. The noise level was very high. It's packed in tight and a very stimulating atmosphere. Our server was spot on amazing. It's BYOB and the server will assist with the wine service. That's a nice touch. I am not sure where they make their money. Dinners include garlic bread, salad and pasta. Prices are really fair. Our table ordered two calamari apps (flavorless but hot served with two sauces) and stuffed mushroom caps that were nice. Again, food is served piping hot. I ordered the seafood il forno (21.99) without pasta. The calamari rings were ok, the mussels fine but the haddock was flaked in pieces. Two massive scallops came with the dish.I don't love scallopsso gave to my friend's son. The two shrimp were large but flavorless. The spicy marinara has a kick. I liked it. Portions are massive. I suggest sharing an entree if you are a light eater. I had 2/3 of my food remaining but don't enjoy seafood the next day so left it but our entire table had doggie bags. The server made the experience quite positive. It's too noisy and congested for my taste but I would say most would enjoy Il Forno.

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  1. I wished this placed stayed in Worcester(downtown) and in Westboro.

    1. Hi Phelana......a bit confused by your conclusion that most would enjoy it. It sounds like most of the food was flavorless or I missing something?

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        SC, as mentioned, some of the aspects of the experience were positive..other aspects not so much..the deal breaker for me was the cramped seating and noise level and the fact that there are a plethora of amazing dining choices in the area...I do think most folks would enjoy Il Forno. Our served made the experience positive. Our entire dining party loved daughter and I are rather picky...we mutually agreed it was not our fav spot. We much prefer Cafe Expresso Trattoria in Worcester.