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Jan 20, 2013 02:58 AM

LA One Night only 19 May

We are staying in LA on the way to Vegas and want to go somewhere w within easy distance of the Beverley Hills Hilton, as must go place for drinks and food, or even some suggestions that would help us in a bar crawl in LA.

We're a honeymoon couple and will have recently completed Route66. We are staying with family near Carlsbad and so will be driving from there to LA on 19th May.. lunch stops suggestions would also be welcomed for while we are en route to LA ......We have never been to the west coast so will be grateful for help.

Thank you!
Tan and Tom

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  1. As far as your dinner choice for that one night is concerned you don't give any clue as to the types of food you either like or dislike or what sort of budget you may have in mind.

    So, assuming for the sake of your request that you are looking for great food only and you eat everything then just 2 miles down Wilshire Blvd is Red Medicine. You can peruse their website here: and see some write up about it here on the LA Chowhound board here:

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      Thanks for your help; we're a bit new to this and I'm never sure how much info to give. We're extremely adventurous eaters, and normally like to enjoy the more luxurious nights out.

      We will be on the last legs of our honeymoon when we reach LA, and so whilst I would like to say we have an unlimited budget, I think we'll be looking for something under $100 per person. Ideally as we are only in LA one night, it would be nice to be able to dine and enjoy see some of the night time sights, so ideally we will have to avoid spending hours on a tasting menu (though that is normally our favourite!)

      Red Medicine looks extremely interesting, their Manefesto is fun. So far we haven't got any Oriental or Asian restaurants on our list so LA might be the place to try one!

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        I also highly recommend Red Medicine. It should be ideal for you. One of the best and most interesting restaurant in town with great energy and is lots of fun to dine in.

        Some previous discussions on Red Medicine. Note the menu changes seasonally so some of the dishes discussed are no longer available:

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          Just another thought! Although I agree that the recommendation of Red Medicine is spot-on, reading their Manifesto (which I hadn't seen before) and noting that you'll be driving from Carlsbad to LA, perhaps you might have your Vietnamese fix for lunch in Little Saigon which you'll be passing pretty much right through. There are some wonderful spots there for pho, bahn mi, etc. If this interests you, I'm sure other CH's can help you with restaurant picks.

          If you do have Vietnamese food for lunch, you might consider the recently remodeled Spago for dinner. Spago is very good, and remains a quintessential California cuisine restaurant. Alternatively, unless you are going to one of his restaurants in Las Vegas, Jose Andre's Bazaar would be great fun.

          1. re: josephnl

            that's a great idea; does anyone know the price for the menu at Spago I couldn't find online.

            1. re: Thebirniewedding

              It can fully push your $100 pp to the limit and then some, all depending on your appetite and your alcohol/wine preferences of course.

              1. re: Servorg

                So true.

                Having said that it's just his Weiner Schnitzel, alone, that makes me want to keep going back to Spago.
                I'm a huge Wolfgang Puck fan and Chinois would be my second choice for the OP.

              2. re: Thebirniewedding

       the dinner menu. It will definely push the $100pp limit, but I think that if you limit alcohol, order judiciously, and perhaps split an appetizer and/or dessert, can be doable.


        2. Other options for dinner that would come in well under your budget of $100 a person :

          Son of a Gun
          Salts Cure
          Chateau marmont's bar marmont is a cool bar to people watch in.

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            people watching at Chateau Marmont's bar canturn into a very costly outing.. . .