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Brit Honeymooners staying in San Diego Thursday 16 May, then Carlsbad 17th and 18th May

We are travelling from Yuma to SD for one night on May 16th. We are staying in the Hilton on East Mission Bay Drive and as we are only stopping for one night we want to experience the "real" San Diego.

Are there any local events on that we should consider visiting? We are adventurous diners that also like a good drink and night out.

We are then staying in Carlsbad for 2 nights so any further help on eateries would be really useful!

Any help would be much appreciated! Many Thanks Tanya and Tom

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  1. Congrat's to you and Tom!

    Near the Hilton on Mission Bay drive there is Bay Park Fish Company for some fish tacos and a some local beers..
    Luce for happy hour
    Ride bikes from your hotel to Mission Beach, ride the roller coaster at Belmont Park and then head up the boardwalk to World Famous at the beachfront hotel and have lobster tacos and margaritas.
    Head up further on the beach cruisers to Green Flash for another drink and some app's.
    Finish off at JRDN at Tower 23 Hotel for late lunch and then ride back bayside to your hotel before dark..
    You'll get one heck of a work out but its all flat and super scenic.

    Carlsbad..Paon in downtown Carlsbad, Bluefire at La Costa resort for drinks and apps around the firepit..Harbor Fish Cafe for great fish n' chips oceanfront..good to split..Vigilucci's for Italian..decent, across the street from the ocean.

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      Thank you! I think based on just your reply, we'll get to San Diego as quick as possible from Yuma, as doesn't appear to be much there.. and definitely get some fish tacos' at Luce. How much is Bike Hire, does anyone know? and how long would that trip take?

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        The Hilton used to have bikes for their guests..if not, ask the concierge, Hamel's in Mission Beach is another option..
        2-3 hours from Yuma to SD.
        Bay Park for fish tacos..
        Luce for small plates and drinks.

    2. I like BC's idea for the biking tour, but you may be a bit tired out from the trip earlier on.

      I would still head over towards Mission Beach, but keep going North through Birdrock to La Jolla Cove.

      Stop at Oscars Mexican Seafood on your way for the best Fish Tacos in SD.

      Once in La Jolla - stroll the cove and seal beach, check the museum of modern art if you like and the small storefronts. Have dinner at Georges Modern at sunset - order their "fish taco" as well.

      When you're in Carlsbad, Paon is a very popular choice, but if you're a fan of sushi make sure to stop at Kaito, sit at the bar for the Omakase and tell them you're adventurous. You won't be disappointed.

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        Let's not forget that name of that fantastic Italian place next to Pannikin in LJ..

      2. Hey, Brits. First off, there is no "real" san diego. This is a fantasy land mishmash of many different cultures and landscapes. Fake hawaii to mexican disneyland. The pacific, however, is real. Stick close to the beach and enjoy the view. I second all the reco's above. Oscar's or Don Bahia for fish tacos, yah. George's for dinner, yah. Cantina is good for breakfast.

        The drive from Yuma is beautiful. Enjoy it. And appreciate that what you're seeing as you drive is what san diego used to be before the developers and landscapers came.

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          "Fake hawaii to mexican disneyland."

          What do you mean by this? I am half Mexican and grew up here. My grandmother's Mexican kitchen was most definitely a real landscape of amazing food.

          No "real" San Diego?

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            My comment came from a new map of San Diego which I find deliciously satirical.


        2. I will second the suggestion for Kaito. They have arguably some of the best sushi in San Diego and the service is warm and relaxing. I would caution you against the Gaslamp Quarter unless you love being in crowds of HUNDREDS of people. You might also enjoy a picnic on the beach. Any of the beach areas between La Jolla and Carlsbad would be perfect for outdoor dining.

          1. If you do get to La Jolla, have a drink at Herringbone after dinner. That's some pretty "real" San Diego, too.

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                I just ate at Paon for the first time. It was lunch, and it was lovely. Beautiful patio, exquisite pear salad. My friend's pasta was delicious. Great wine list. Perfect for a honeymoon stop.

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                  Thank you all. seems to be a few good spots here then. NOt long now!

              2. I think I'll just go ahead and mention "the obvious."

                For the quintessential "only in San Diego" experience, why not take that spectacular fly-over bridge out to Coronado Island for a visit to the Hotel del Coronado?

                They're particularly famous for their Sunday Brunch and it appears that you're going to be there on a Wednesday, but you could still have a meal, or drinks, or appetizers there, and tour the fabulous old place, and have maybe a loll on the beach. As many times as I've had that brunch at "The Del," it still amazes me with the quality of the food, the service, the ambiance at one of the world's greatest and most legendary old luxury hotels.

                Ain't nothing else on the planet quite like it:


                I guess it's just me, but when I travel, I like to eat/see/do things totally unique to that place. Sure, I've had some great international food in San Diego - I particularly remember an Osso Bucco to die for - but these folks are European. I suspect they can and do get pretty good Italian food in Italy.

                But the Del?

                Only in San Diego, baby.