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Jan 20, 2013 02:48 AM

British Honeymoon Couple in Yuma 15 May 2013.. any ideas?

We are due to stay in Yum on the way from Tucson to San Diego.. we are there only one night and so would like some help in finding the best place to go which there.. what is Arizona's traditional Fayre?

Are there any "must see/eats/drinks" while in Yuma.

Many Thanks
Tanya and Tom

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  1. Yuma is a very historical spot. Back when Arizona was only a territory, and folks were heading west to seek their fortune in California, they had to cross the Colorado River by ferry. Sometimes these early pioneers had to wait for days or weeks at Yuma for the river to subside enough to get wagons and horses across.

    An absolute Do Not Miss? The Yuma Territorial Prison. Just imagine being locked up there in that heat for years at a time just hoping a stray lizard or cockroach or scorpion would cross your cell so you could have a little extra protein in your belly.

    Several good restaurants: Los Manjares de Pepe for Mexican. And throughout "Mexican restaurant territory," try the horchata or jamaica to drink.

    But if you're tired of Mexican by now, try the Market Winebar & Bistro for seafood and steaks.


    Yuma Territorial State Prison:

    1. Jaymes has some good advice. I think Mexican is the cuisine of choice here. Los Manjares is a favorite of mine too -- great value, generally excellent dishes. A real locals' spot. On the other hand, the service can be irregular and there is no atmosphere. Mi Rancho (4th Ave at 27th) is a little nicer, a little more expensive (but still cheap), but perhaps a better alternative. Mi Rancho also has a more extensive menu including things like Birria de Chivo, goat stewed in a chile infused broth.

      "Fine dining" in Yuma is OK, but that really isn't our strong suit. Unless the Market at the Radisson has improved recently, I would suggest River City Grill as the best alternative to Mexican.

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        Love, love, love Los Manjares, which you turned me onto some years back Ed. My entire extended family plus my sister's in-laws all plan their SoCal - Tucson trips with a stop there in mind. And their breakfast is great if the OPs opt for something else for dinner.

      2. Hi all,

        Please pardon the interruption, but just a quick reminder to keep the focus on chow, and away from general travel planning.

        Chowhound is great at helping people find great chow, and it works best when the information is focused on that topic. General travel planning questions, like where to stay and what else to do when visiting a town, are huge subjects. They're well covered by any number of general interest travel sites, but would swamp out the food content on Chowhound, detracting from the very usefulness that brought hounds in the first place.

        Sorry, but we hope this makes sense. And thanks!

        1. There are several local Mexican family restaurants that are popular here in Yuma. Over my 30 + years living here and eating in most if not all of them I still prefer any of the 3 restaurants owned by the Gutierrez family. La Casa Gutierrez is close to the older part of Yuma on Orange Ave & 5th, it is more of a traditional sit down family restaurant, Mr. G's, is on the corner of 4th Ave & 5th St in the north end of town also just a few blocks west, The Chile Pepper is on 24th St between 4th Ave and Ave A which is more in the middle of town close to the hospital. both of these last two locations are more of a local fast food/ cafe type of restaurant. Another of my choices would be Mi Rancho on the corner of 4th Ave & 27th St also in mid town. My picks are not to say the others are bad, like most ethnic foods everyone has their personal preferences these are mine.

          1. Another possibility in Yuma is to go to one or more taco trucks. In addition to some along Fortuna Rd in Foothills, Yuma has several along 8th St from around Ave B westward and along Ave B between 1st and 12th St. Mostly various kinds of tacos are featured, but currently there are two Salvadoran pupusa trucks on 8th. Of course, by May, some of the trucks will be gone, but you certainly could have a very different and memorable experience. Last year, a writer from the AZRepublic wrote up an article about his visits to the trucks: