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Jan 20, 2013 02:45 AM

British Honeymoon Couple visiting Holbrook then Pheonix on 10th and 11th May 2013.. Help!

We are travelling from Albuquerque to Pheonix, via Holbrook. We are spending one night in both Holbrook and Phenix and are looking for recommendations of somewhere good to eat (and drink) and any advice you might offer us. We want to plan an exciting Saturday night experiencing the best Pheonix can offer!

Are there any local events on that we should consider visiting? We are adventurous diners looking for some local recommendations.

Is there anyone who can make suggestions about the journey from Albuquerque to Phenix as to what to do and what not to do?

Any help would be much appreciated! Many Thanks Tanya and Tom

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  1. By drinks if you mean cocktails, the best food and cocktails in one place would be

    Crudo (Phoenix) or Citizen Public House (Scottsdale) - you will get top notch cocktails and good to excellent food

    CPH also has a "hidden" speakeasy upstairs called R + D which has an ultra lounge feel to it, a bit different than Purl in London but unique drink offerings like that

    CPH is easier to walk or take a short cab ride to go out to more bars afterwards in regarding to a night on the town, Crudo is about 20 min from old town scottsdale, so some more details about what exciting means to you etc would be good

    If you are Man City or Liverpool supporters no more advice haha

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      We like a good night out with a lot of drinks, so cocktails and/or good wine are important............. we do like a little bit of a party!

      sounds like the CPH would have a combination of good food and drink, and something a little quirky!

      up our street!

    2. Where are you staying in Phoenix?

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        we're staying in the Fire & Sky hotel, not sure where that is in relation to Dapuma's recommendations.

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          You are staying on the northnside of downtown Scottsdale, about a mile from CPH. One of my favorites in this area is FnB, they focus on locally grown foods and have a good selection of Arizona wines.

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            Based on where you are staying you should certainly go with CPH, it is very close to Fire and Sky, you could walk back if you didnt feel like getting a cab and had on some walking boots

            Also since you are right in that area, if you want something more lively afterwards you could go to the W hotel which has an open air bar on top which is pretty popular (that would be my first recommendation), and then if you wanted to amp it up one more level you could go to Mint, which is a danceclub type place (top 40 a bit of electronic) (right down the street a few blocks) - depeding on what type of music you want you might also try: Axis or Wild Knight if you want electronic music (depending on the day, check their websites) - all of those are in about 1 square mile from your hotel or closer - my club days are behind me but Axis is going to be better than Wild Knight (sound wise and space wise), Wild Knight does have a lot of top tier dj's come through

            Hope that helps

        2. Can't seem to figure out your exact route, and Lake Havasu might be too far off for you to get there, but a great many Brits touring the US West get a great kick out of visiting the London Bridge in the middle of the desert.

          It's at Lake Havasu, AZ.

          It's been my experience in the past that the restaurants there are pretty mediocre, but the last time I was through there, I tried a new one: ChaBones.

          I thought it was outstanding.

          They say they offer "American cuisine," and they do, but they also sprinkle in a bit of international fare. I thought that overall, the menu offered many excellent choices. I almost went for the Prime Rib, but settled on the half-rack of barbecued babyback ribs. My ribs were delicious, but the folks at the next table were having the prime rib and it looked terrific, too. I asked those folks how they liked it, and it was thumbs up for them all the way.


          Lake Havasu visitor's guide:

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            Lake Havasu is quite a bit out of the way, it's about 4 hours west of Phoenix, and they are coming from the east. It looks like they are continuing to San Diego, but even so it's a good 3 hour addition to the drive.

          2. We always like to go from Holbrook down to Payson, into Mesa, great back way into the city and the drive is beautiful.
            We stopped in Grant, NM, west of Albuquerque, for a great lunch at a local place. Wonderful food.

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            1. re: wyogal

              AZ88 is always a favorite stop for cocktails. The food is good quality, but bar food (sandwiches, burgers, salads). The Hell Fire chips are a great pairing to cocktails. IMO, you won't get a better drink any where in the Valley. They know how to pour.

              Vincents Farmer's Market should still be going on then. It's on Saturday's from 9a-1p, so not sure if you will make it here by then. Great crepes, paninis, roasted meats, cheese, fresh bread, omelets, pasta. All served a la cart from different stations. Oh, and of course, the wine guy. There are also vendors of AZ made products (mustards, honey, etc). It is a must do every time we have family in town.

              Chelsea's Kitchen is another great lunch spot. They have a wonderful patio, if it's not too hot to dine outside by then.

              I hope you enjoy your trip!

            2. HI! I live in Holbrook. I wouldn't say the food scene is amazing but there are several local places I love. First for breakfast/lunch there is a doughnut shop called Doughnuts Plus on Navajo Blvd (One of the main streets).
              Also, for Mexican a.k.a Green or red chile plates I would suggest Romo's on Hopi. Great local place.

              If you are going to be going through Heber around lunch or dinner the Red Onion does great burgers. It's on the left after circle K as you are driving towards the valley.

              If you are wanting something more upscale/foodie but also more expensive check out the Turquoise Room in Winslow. It's a 30 minute drive from Holbrook, west on I-40 and it's in an old railroad Hotel the La Posada.
              the hotel is worth a poke around for was designed by Mary Colter.