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Jan 20, 2013 02:05 AM

vegetarian nachos for 30 yr olds

need tasty colorful veggie nacho recipe

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  1. Just off the top of my head, I'd sautee diced sweet potatoes dusted with smoked chili powder. Then I'd take chips spread with frijoles negro, top it with the sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, corn, and white cheese. Under the broiler for a few minutes and then sprinkled with diced tomatoes and scallions. Drizzled with crema and tomatillo salsa.

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        I host a book club with a fair few vegetarians. I will be adopting this for them, it sounds delicious and easy for me to do! A bit more substantial than just chips as well

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          Thanks for all the compliments! I think all the flavors would meld well and there would be a lot of interesting textures in the dish. I personally do a double layer of chips to ensure a lot of crispy chips on the bottom to support the topping-laden ones.

        2. Wow, those are some fancy and delicious sounding nachos.

          My first thought was the texmex way. Just refried beans, cheese, and whatever, ie., salsa, avacado, chopped tomatoes, pickled jalapenoes, etc.

          love charle's take on a nacho, for sure! thinking now, thinking, thinking....

          1. Weren't nachos vegetarian to begin with? The original preparation was small amounts of cheese and pepper on slightly stale tortillas (arranged individually, none of this glop everything on a pile of chips) heated under the broiler enough to melt the cheese. Simplicity itself, not the gooey piles of whatever that passes for nachos these days.

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            1. I like a bean on mine, like black soy bean or vegetarian refried beans. I usually use a jack and cheddar mix, napolitos/ jalepenos/ pepper mix, and fresh tomato. Lots of sour cream, salsa and guac on the side. I like a side of cilantro to sprinkle on fresh too.

              1. If you need a meat substitute, I recommend "SmartLife Ground" in Mexican flavor. You can find it in the grocery store (where I shop) next to the tofu and the other meat substitutes. It's really quite good and I prefer it to ground beef for tacos.

                That said, I really don't think you need meat at all on nachos. Ours are chips, cheese, jalapenos (for those that like them) or onions. My favorite veggies are pickled. If I do add red or green peppers, I like to saute them until they're soft before putting on the nachos.

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                  Sorry, I missed yours. Well said. :-)