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Jan 19, 2013 08:47 PM

Healthy place for lunch in SoHo?

Hi guys... there's lots of places I'd like to eat in Soho but have family visiting tomorrow and need a kind of soup, sandwiches, salad place that has healthy options, is not too expensive, is quick... but for my salvation, tastes good. Any recommendations?

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  1. I guess given your criteria, I'd probably go to Spring Street Natural.

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    1. re: lexismore

      i second spring street natural. really good, fresh food and not too expensive. i went recently with someone who had some very specific requests given his diet (no carbs, no starch, etc.) and they accommodated him without hesitation.

    2. Despana is not super healthy, but they have lovely sandwiches or salads. Also, in NoLiTa, Taim, AsiaDog or The Butcher's Daughter.

      1. The easy answer is Le Pain Quotidien but I am not sure there is one actually in Soho.

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        1. re: arepo

          According to Google, there's one on Grand and Mercer. And another on Bleecker, between Broadway and Lafayette.

        2. la esquina has good sandwiches and salads. i think it's way better than spring street natural.

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          1. re: Westminstress

            I completely agree, it's way better. Not sure I'd put it in the "healthy" category though.

            1. re: Motosport

              "not too expensive" probably rules out Balthazar...

              That said, most of the above are good suggs - LPQ is always solid, and if it's a chain, it's a good one. There are bound to be healthier things on the menu at Despana and Esquina. Maybe check out the menu at Jack's Wife Freda - there are a few decent salads on there, and they make a solid matzo ball soup. Back Forty West probably has some lighter options, too - the menu is pretty varied.