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Jan 19, 2013 08:46 PM

Mexican in San Antonio

This is a little last minute, but I'll be in San Antonio tomorrow. Where would you suggest for a good Mexican restaurant for dinner? Some place that serves nopales would be good, and I'm a sucker for game or other meats not common to American diets (tripe, tongue, etc.). Price and atmosphere are not issues, except I don't want to dress up for anything. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Rosario's in the King William area. Guajillo's off of 410. There's a lot of great taquerias on the south side.

    1. Guajillo's is awesome - my favorite. They don't have lengua or menudo - at least not on a regular basis . .but they do have a birria that I could vouch for.

      If you've never tried it before you might want to try barbacoa - beef cheek or whole head - depending on where and how you order. If given the choice, this gringo chooses "all meat", lol. Can recommend Mimi's tamales and barbacoa . .or, if it's in the evening, Erick's Tacos has barbacao tacos that I like.

      You could also go down to a Culebra Meat Market, pick up some barbacoa, a pack of corn tamales, a plastic tub of red hot salsa and a Big Red - a very "San Antonio" experience.

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        Laughing about the Big Red :-) I learned to drink it at the Blanco Cafe when I was in college. It's awful by itself, but somehow works with Mexican food in SA. As does butter on your tortillas.

      2. Haha, barbacoa and Big Red is about as San Antonio as you can get. Great suggestion there.