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Jan 19, 2013 08:24 PM

Best place to watch football? (Berkeley)

Hey everyone!

So I'm new in town (as in, from another country), but I'm a big football fan, and I was wondering about a good place to watch the 49ers play tomorrow in the Berkeley area, because I wasn't planning on going to SF. I've looked over a few of the posts, but they seem to be really old, so I thought I'd ask again and see if I get lucky!

Some of the options (gathering from previous posts) were T-Rex, Henry's (too pricey?), Triple Rock... Did anything change? Are these still good options?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Barclay's in Oakland, although it may be packed. I've heard The Parkway theatre in Oak has giant screen tv's. T-Rex is a nice space.

    1. Be aware that most places that are any good will be packed. Many are going to be reservations only. Me? I am watching at home.

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        I'd love to just watch at home as well, but I don't have a TV here, so it's either that or not watching it at all, and that's not really an option. Will take into consideration the whole reservation thing, thanks!

      2. I'm a little late - coverage is starting in 10 minutes - I'd ask where you are, to see where you could walk to. Nick & Ben's in Rockridge, Pyramid on the north side, I honestly can't think of a place with good screens downtown - Thalassa, probably - and by Telegraph there's Kip's. I'd really suggest going towards oakland, like the Kingfish, or Pican (I think they have a huge TV in the bar area).

        Where did you end up?

        1. I was on Euclid last night for the first time in ages and I realized that virtually every restaurant there has a TV! Probably half a dozen places.

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            Yes, I too have noticed that trend. The decline of Westen civilization accelerates!

          2. I realize this post is a little late to be useful, but perhaps you can use it for future sports games.

            I often watch games at La Val's, on Euclid, mainly because I live not too far by; if you're on the north side near campus, this is probably your best bet. The pizza is mediocre, but they have pitchers of beer and a big screen, and there's frequently space. I've also watched games at Henry's (saw a Cal game here, the crowd was fantastic), Triple Rock, Sportivo (very mediocre food, very small bar), Bobby G's and Meridian (I think they're closed now). So to answer your question directly, Henry's and Triple Rock are still good choices (though if you want sound to go with your video, Triple Rock might not be a good choice -- I think they keep it down, though I'm not sure). I don't know T-Rex.

            Go Niners!

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              SPORTIVO has exited the market and become SLIVER aka semi-CAPITALIST CHEESEBOARD. The still have the small bar and TVs but they seem to still be feeling their way around ... dunno if they will be keeping any premium sports channels, run with the sound, seat/screen configuration etc.

              You know the old LARRY BLAKES space has become a major sports bar/resto. I'd say the burger/tritip sando type stuff is acceptable ... so if the priority is big screens etc, that's an option. If LAVALS is on the table, this place should be as well.
              Oh here is the WOB site:

              I am usually looking for a place showing midweek/midday euro/international soccer, so my options are fewer.