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Jan 19, 2013 06:47 PM

Kosher restaurant near Rockefeller center

I am looking for a kosher restaurant near Rockefeller center for lunch on Wednesday. My daughters and I will be attending a taping of Dr. Oz. I saw that the mendy's near rockefeller center is mostly take out and there are no tables for parties of more then 2. What do you recommend

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  1. Wolf and Lamb, Cafe K and Le Marais are all nearby.
    There's also some lunch counter type stuff by the diamond district.

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    1. re: ATH44

      Taam Tov has seating in the diamond district. You're also not that far from Mendys in Grand Central which has all the Grand Central seating. Technically Kosher Deluxe is nearby, but there is no reason to go there over any of the other options.

      1. re: ATH44

        Cafe K for dairy. They don't accept all credit cards.

        Le Marais is good, but heavy for lunch.
        Wolf and Lamb has salad and sandwich options, not as heavy.

      2. Taam Tov is your best option.

        1. Yes Ta'am tov is awesome and a good value. Get the Manty - beef dumplings. Mmmm.

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            does taam tov have a menu that you can look at in your hands or wht is the story?

            1. re: janetldd

              Yes, there is a menu. It's a regular restaurant.

          2. I'm wondering when the posters who recommended Taam Tov last went there? I used to love it, but after my last visit, several months ago, no more. The menu was more limited, meat drier and not as tasty, service not pleasant (even for a Kosher restaurant, though I'm really basing this on food) - just sadly, a general decline in quality.

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              I was there in August and found it as good as I remembered.

              1. re: iris

                I've only been in the past couple months, so I can't compare it to what it used to be, but I thought the food was good when I went.

              2. If u really prefer Mendy's, there is an open sitting area underground in 10 Rock (the same bldg that Mendy's is in. Mendy's is on street level on the 48th St side of the bldg and if you enter the bldg lobby and go down a flight of stairs the sitting area is right there.)