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Jan 19, 2013 06:31 PM

Restaurant health inspection scores.

What do you think about them ? Good or bad ? Maybe your favorite restaurant has posted a B rating or lower. Walk in or turnabout? I would probably would walk in.

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  1. Unless there are "critical" violations such as rats crapping in the flour, I pay them no mind. Mixing spoons not arranged in an attractive fleur de lis pattern? Please.

    1. I do care about it, but not overly. As long as it is B or above, I have no problem. Many of these inspection scores can be misleading too if you know what I mean. Just like SAT scores, you really cannot say a student with a 2300 is smarter or work harder than a student with a 2000. Now, if the student has only 600 or 800, then there is likely a problem.

      P.S.: I had to look up and find out that the full score of SAT is now 2400. :)

      1. I worked in the industry in the past and we always posted our inpections, so I like to see them publicaly posted.

        I don't have a problem with a lower score as long as there are no critical violations.

        1. It depends. I know the things they score on. So if its major violations, then of course I leave. I do not just go by number score alone though.

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            How do you know how the establishment got their score, what the violations were? All I ever see is a stand-alone letter, no details.

            1. re: hyacinthgirl

              Usually, if you can see the number grade in big red letters, it's on that page. If not, you can ask. They SHOULD let you see it. We always both pages so customers can see what the infractions were. I.E. not having ice scoop in the correct position versus unsanitary food storage. I'd much rather a customer know it was an over site not a habit. Also, a lt of time you can get a list of all restaurants and they're scores and reports.

              1. re: hyacinthgirl

                Locally, ours are posted on the website for the department that does the inspection. Recent and history for each restaurant inspected in the county.

            2. When we were in Auckland, every restaurant had to post their scores. I loved it! In Singapore, I'm not sure if it's required or not - I don't always see them. Still, I love seeing if they're posted. Either way, a B or higher and we'll eat there.

              We spend a lot of time in Sri Lanka. No scores there. I'm not sure if there even are health inspectors - I doubt it. I'd love it if they had them.