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Jan 19, 2013 06:30 PM

Question for the Maryland crabcake experts

On the West Coast and want to send my elderly father in PA a gift of some great crab cakes for his B-Day. Can you please recommend a tasty and reliable mail order source? Thanks.

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  1. I'm currently in VA, not MD, but grew up crabbing on the shores of Long Island, NY, & know good crab.

    While I haven't eaten them myself, I did gift my elderly parents with crab cakes from these folks, & they LOVED them. And my parents were used to doing their own crabbing & making their own crab cakes. They could, of course, just have been making me feel good, but I think they would have been honest if the cakes had been poor.

    Now, while I haven't tried the crab cakes from this place:

    I did enjoy a very nice order of seasoned steamed Blue-Claws a few months ago. They arrived promptly, re-steamed beautifully, & were quite full. In fact, I still have some leftover picked meat in the freezer to use in something.

    Anyway - just two places you may want to look into.

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      I recently got lobsters and crab cakes from Blue Crab Trading, and while the lobsters were fine, the crab cakes were not good at all. Lots of breading and no lump crab at all, just little shreds.

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        Thanks - good to know gift-wise. But their steamed crabs were good.

        I rarely if ever buy crab cakes for myself - too easy & better to make myself.

        1. re: Bacardi1

          I agree...I'm virtually always disappointed when I order crabcakes in a restaurant.

    2. Google "captain chucky blue bell" or "captn chuckys crab cake co". They have several locations and are terrific. I believe they ship but not positive. It''s worth a call.

      1. Not sure if they ship but the crab cakes at Black Salt in
        Wash DC are awesome as are the ones at River Falls
        food shop in Potomac MD. They are both almost pure lump crab,

        1. Check out MD crab/seafood restaurant

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            Unfortunately, Phillips no longer uses Chesapeake Bay Blue-Claw Crabs for either their canned crabmeat or their crab cakes - they import the crab for both from Thailand. I've purchased both & have read the labels.

            1. re: Bacardi1

              True; and as a native MD'er, at first I was unhappy until I tried Indonesian crabmeat. Got to be honest, to my taste, it's sweeter, larger pieces comparing jumbo lump to jumbo lump; and never find a piece of shell.
              From talking with watermen friends, a fair share of the seasfood-consuming industry is slowly switching away from domestic crab due primarily to the high level of pollutants and bacteria found in the meat harvested from east coast domestic waters.

              1. re: ocpitmaster

                Yes, I have to agree with you there. It took me a bit of time to "come over to the dark side" - lol! - but the Phillips product is excellent in both texture, flavor, & processing (as in no shell bits). Even their less expensive "special" (aka claw) meat is terrific, & a great bargain if you just need some crab for a dip or a stuffing, etc.

                In addition, after some investigation, Phillips actually does take a serious interest in where its crabmeat comes from (all info one can glean from their website), which unfortunately isn't always the case with other companies who seem to have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

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