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Jan 19, 2013 06:00 PM

Yet another stupid question about plate splitting fees ...

What do people think about a plate splitting fee when two people order an entree with the intention of splitting it and eating it as an appetizer, and then still ordering two entrees?

I understand the general rationale of plate splitting fees when two people order one thing, split it, without ordering more, because it's essentially the restaurant servicing two people for the price of one.

But isn't, ostensibly, the price and labor for two appetizers roughly equivalent (maybe even less) than one entree?

I'm ambivalent about this, but my companion had a bit of a conniption ...

Curious as to what people think.

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  1. I think if each party is still getting an entree, then it is a little cheesy to charge under the scenario you have described. I wouldn't have a fit about it, but it wouldn't make me feel great about the restaurant that insisted on enforcing the policy.

    1. If I was ordering two full dinners and a entree for astarter to split and I was charged extra, I would be the man who never returned.

      1. It's a little too opportunistic to be in good taste, in my opinion. Sometimes they split an app or salad on two plates and give a larger portion/gussy it up, so I respect a split plate fee in that event. But if a place charges an extra fee because two people share one plate of fried calamari it's a bit unscrupulous.

        1. That if I needed one, you'd be the lawyer I'd hire. I also think your companion needs to take a pill.

          1. I wouldn't throw a fit, but I wouldn't return to that restaurant. Neither would my husband.