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Jan 19, 2013 05:55 PM


I'm having a party for Superbowl and expect a pretty fair turn out. I plan on having traditional fare such as hot wings, queso dips etc...but I'd like to throw a twist in as well or maybe a couple non traditional dishes...any ideas or recipes?

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  1. How about a "theme" food, something based on New Orleans cuisine or your favorite teams city?

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      Oooh - That's a great idea! I'm thinking a muffaletta or maybe gumbo!

    2. I'm leaning towards a crab boil...but afraid DH will kibbosh me for the expense.

      1. After today you'll know who's playing--how about traditional dishes from those parts of the county? All the possible teams' regions have pretty distinctive cuisines. Maybe if it's a 49ers/Ravens matchup, that will help persuade DH that the crab is just necessary!

        1. I love crab boil (crawfish even more) but IMO, too much of an event to share with superbowl.
          Howsabout curried goat. I usually make this when going to a superbowl party - a different alternative to everyone's chili and nachos and wings. Also easy to make day before, heat and hold in a slow cooker.
          This year, I'm making pig skin stew.

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            also, how would you make a pig skin stew?

            1. re: lilpixy

              I fist came across Chicharron en salsa verde in the Yucatan. I think green sauce is the more traditional method, but I prefer a red sauce.
              Basically make a salsa roja (a stew base, not a nacho dip), dump in dried chicharron (the smaller, harder kind, not the airy snack type), simmer awhile, and there you go.
              If you want, I can post the recipe, just lemmee know.

              1. re: porker

                yes please I would love a recipe thank you

                1. re: lilpixy

                  Heres my version, with no one item or every step written in stone. Adjust to your liking.

                  1 med yellow onion
                  3 shallots
                  3 arbol chile peppers
                  3 cherry bomb peppers
                  2 bell peppers
                  1/2 head of garlic
                  796ml (27oz) can chopped tomatoes
                  458ml (16oz) can hominy (optional)
                  1/2 can La CosteƱa homestyle mexican salsa (about 4oz total)
                  3TBL cumin
                  handful chopped cilantro
                  2-3C pork broth
                  226g (8oz) bag of non-flavored chicharrones (pork crakling) NOTE: choose the smaller, crunchier (harder) crackling, not the airy, puffy ones.

                  If you can, blister the peppers, onion, shallots, and garlic on your stove-top burner flame. Peel onion/shallots/garlic, dice along with all peppers.
                  Sweat (don't brown) in some oil.
                  Add cumin & stir.
                  While on high heat, deglaze with 1C pork broth, bring to boil.
                  Add cilantro and tomatoes, stir, simmer about 20 minutes.
                  Add hominy (optional...good with or without).
                  Add salsa, simmer 5 minutes.
                  Add cracklings, simmer 5 minutes or until soft.
                  Add pork broth until desired consistency is reached.

                  There you have it.
                  Better the day after. Good on its own, or in tortillas.

          2. I did these a few years ago, they are pretty labor intensive but can be done a day or two ahead and were very popular.

            I did "mini" twice baked potatoes.

            Bake a bunch of small potatoes (I did little redskins - I was going to do fingerlings but their crazy irregular shapes would have been a nightmare).
            Cut them in half -
            scoop out a large portion of the insides with a melon baller (teaspoon if you don't have one) -
            make a great mashed potato with what you've scooped out (I made a cheesy jalapeno mashed potato) -
            put into a ziploc and pipe into the potato halves -
            rebake for the party

            They were really good.