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I'm having a party for Superbowl and expect a pretty fair turn out. I plan on having traditional fare such as hot wings, queso dips etc...but I'd like to throw a twist in as well or maybe a couple non traditional dishes...any ideas or recipes?

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  1. How about a "theme" food, something based on New Orleans cuisine or your favorite teams city?

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      Oooh - That's a great idea! I'm thinking a muffaletta or maybe gumbo!

    2. I'm leaning towards a crab boil...but afraid DH will kibbosh me for the expense.

      1. After today you'll know who's playing--how about traditional dishes from those parts of the county? All the possible teams' regions have pretty distinctive cuisines. Maybe if it's a 49ers/Ravens matchup, that will help persuade DH that the crab is just necessary!

        1. I love crab boil (crawfish even more) but IMO, too much of an event to share with superbowl.
          Howsabout curried goat. I usually make this when going to a superbowl party - a different alternative to everyone's chili and nachos and wings. Also easy to make day before, heat and hold in a slow cooker.
          This year, I'm making pig skin stew.

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            also, how would you make a pig skin stew?

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              I fist came across Chicharron en salsa verde in the Yucatan. I think green sauce is the more traditional method, but I prefer a red sauce.
              Basically make a salsa roja (a stew base, not a nacho dip), dump in dried chicharron (the smaller, harder kind, not the airy snack type), simmer awhile, and there you go.
              If you want, I can post the recipe, just lemmee know.

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                yes please I would love a recipe thank you

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                  Heres my version, with no one item or every step written in stone. Adjust to your liking.

                  1 med yellow onion
                  3 shallots
                  3 arbol chile peppers
                  3 cherry bomb peppers
                  2 bell peppers
                  1/2 head of garlic
                  796ml (27oz) can chopped tomatoes
                  458ml (16oz) can hominy (optional)
                  1/2 can La CosteƱa homestyle mexican salsa (about 4oz total) http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
                  3TBL cumin
                  handful chopped cilantro
                  2-3C pork broth
                  226g (8oz) bag of non-flavored chicharrones (pork crakling) NOTE: choose the smaller, crunchier (harder) crackling, not the airy, puffy ones.

                  If you can, blister the peppers, onion, shallots, and garlic on your stove-top burner flame. Peel onion/shallots/garlic, dice along with all peppers.
                  Sweat (don't brown) in some oil.
                  Add cumin & stir.
                  While on high heat, deglaze with 1C pork broth, bring to boil.
                  Add cilantro and tomatoes, stir, simmer about 20 minutes.
                  Add hominy (optional...good with or without).
                  Add salsa, simmer 5 minutes.
                  Add cracklings, simmer 5 minutes or until soft.
                  Add pork broth until desired consistency is reached.

                  There you have it.
                  Better the day after. Good on its own, or in tortillas.

          2. I did these a few years ago, they are pretty labor intensive but can be done a day or two ahead and were very popular.

            I did "mini" twice baked potatoes.

            Bake a bunch of small potatoes (I did little redskins - I was going to do fingerlings but their crazy irregular shapes would have been a nightmare).
            Cut them in half -
            scoop out a large portion of the insides with a melon baller (teaspoon if you don't have one) -
            make a great mashed potato with what you've scooped out (I made a cheesy jalapeno mashed potato) -
            put into a ziploc and pipe into the potato halves -
            rebake for the party

            They were really good.

            1. Porker IMO crab boils are NEVER too much of an event. Boil it all up spread newspaper on the dining room table dump the mess on provide napkins, crackers and small plates. Besides the set up in my house is very open therefor no one will miss the game for extracting crab. I love your ideas though. Keep 'em coming as my crab boil idea may be just a pipe dream LOL

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                Looks like an East Meets West crab-off would be an appropriate theme! Go Niners!!!

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                  Well, maybe have a look here
                  scroll down 3/4 of the thread where I posted some pictures. Our gang is usually elbow deep in the critters and drink.
                  When picking, all I'm interested in is the next crawfish or crab or corn or drink. Maybe make small talk with the folks around the table.
                  But thats me - hehe.

                2. Well, i was gonna have mini lobster rolls or some lobster dish, but based on tonight.that is gone. Maybe mini crabcakes served on sourdough bread with Ghiradelli chocolates might be in order

                  1. Yes, crab is apropos for the Ravens, but for me, it's all about Pit Beef with Tiger Sauce. I'm going to give it a whirl hopefully for a small gathering.
                    I'm going to use the recipe/method from Cook's Country, on my gas grill or Weber kettle.
                    I also think that crab puffs or mini crab cakes would make a nice app.

                    1. Pulled Jerk Chicken Sliders are my go to superbowl food... folks get a bit upset if I don't make it. My hacks are in the comment section. I'd go for 2 habenero's instead of one.

                      A Cylantro Citrus slaw is a great topping.... promise it's a hit.


                      Also, Hot wing dip - is great - same ingriedents just mixed up and served in a mini crock pot...

                      1. Lilpixy....two new dishes that I am bringing this year to a party...
                        1)Sirloin sliced rare at room temp on a French baguette that has been toasted and rubbed down with garlic and then some salt and evoo...
                        2) I buy shrimp, about 20 to the pound...clean and devain...the shells go into two cups of water with a 1/2 cup of white wine...to make a stock...seperately in another pot a can28 oz can of chopped tomatoes...with some chopped garlic , s&p, fresh basil....when heated thru, add about half of the shrimp stock...cook uncovered for another 1/2 hour uncovered...let it cool and hit nit with the immersion blender...taste for seasoning...
                        Boil the shrimp and refrigerate...
                        Take 5 cucmbers ,, peel, and cut into 1/3rds.....reach in and scoop out the seeds , but not all of them leave enough so that you have a cup or shot glass like caldron...cut the bottom of the cuke segments so they stand up like little cups......
                        spoon in the tomato/shrimp gaspatcho into the cuke shot cups, a dash of hot sauce, hang two shrimps from the rim of the cuke shot glass, then adorn with some fresh dill....
                        People go wild for these!!!
                        I had one person actually ask for more soup, and forget about the cuke cup!!!!!
                        The nice part is that this travels well and can be made the day before, and assembled just before kickoff since all of the components are precooked and cold.

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                          wow - that's awesome - Im going to wait until cuc's are in summer - but this is definitely on the list.