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Top 10 neoploitan pizzerias in NYC are..??

In Bk and Manhattan.. Unless there is one you MUST mention elsewhere !? old/ and new!!??

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  1. I don't know about 10, but I love Motorino. If you want to call Roberta's "neopolitan' that's fine. Those are my favorites hands down.

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      +1 on Motorino. I am usually a margherita kind of guy, but the brussels sprouts pizza is godlike. I think that was the best pizza I ever had. Margherita is excellent there btw.

      1. I'll add Forcella to the list, it's right up there with Keste and Motorino, IMO. Roberta's is my personal favorite, again not sure if we're counting it as neapolitan.

        Have yet to try Paulie Gee's, Co., Don Antonio, Franny's...

        1. Don Antonio-an exact replica of their restaurant in Naples . Order the Montenara-I have eaten the same one in their Naples restaurant (Starita )tastes exactly the same-yummy!

          1. John's of Bleecker St

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              Why do you consider John's and Vezzo to be Neopolitan? I would think they're both too large, the crust isn't puffy enough. And Vezzo, especially, is too crispy.

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                I did hesitate a bit to reccomend Vezzo.
                Vezzo is on the small size but it is crispy.
                John's is definitely similar to pizza I have had in Naples.

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                  When I think Naples style pizza, I think this + a little moist/soupy in the center:

                  I don't necessarily think John's or Vezzo. More like Keste.

                  Usually wood oven, not coal or gas.

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                    I totally agree with Kathryn..
                    Kestè, Forcella, Numero28...

                    John's reminds me more of a NY style pizza than a Naple style one.

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                      Yes, well covered by Serious Eats...

                      What to Expect at a Neapolitan Pizzeria:

                      East Village Piathon:

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                        I have got to get over to Keste to see what I have been missing.

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                          I wish there was Keste's crust flavored gum. I would chew it all day.

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                              Expect a much breadier pizza than Vezzo or John's, with a thicker crust that has char, and then a more gummy, delicate, wetter center.

                2. Johns is awesome.. But I consider them ny style.. Trying to make it to Don Antonio's and Lucalis.. been hearing good things..Motorinos, Keste, and Pauly G's are 3 I really like!!

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                    I've never thought of John's as NY style. It's not slathered with cheese and lots of sauce. The pies are bigger than most but do remind me of pizza in Napoli!!

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                      "NY style" is often a conflation of two different styles: New York-Neopolitan (coal oven) and NY gas oven style. Grimaldi's, John's, Totonno's are usually classified as the former. All of the Ray's and street corner slices are the latter.


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                        Rays!!! Pizza swimming in a sea of cheese! Ugh!!

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                          I don't claim to be a pizza expert, but I know what I like.
                          The best pizza that I had in Italy was wood oven in Pisa. The oven had to be 100 years old. It was thin and crisp with delicious tomato sauce. The closest I had here was Lombardi's 20 years ago ( not now). Motorino is close.
                          Keste was too moist for me and not crisp enough. Forcella is nothing to write home about. I would add Arturo's into the coal oven group with John's, Grimaldi etc. For old style gas oven NY pizza in Manhattan, I still like Ben's on Spring Street and New Park in Howard Beach.
                          For Roman style I like Sullivan St. and Gran Daisy.
                          I'm not sure what style Co. is, but it does taste great.
                          Rubirosa to me, is eating a cracker. I don't understand why anyone likes it. What style is that?
                          Tres Sorelle had decent pizza and Il Mattone are now joined together. I haven't figured out what that means yet. ( there is a sign on Il Mattone saying they have joined Tre Sorelle) Tre Sorelle's chef is from Naples. The Pizza maker is from Northern italy but it appears to be Naples style pizza.
                          I guess it will be pizza for lunch today, the closest to me is Luzzo, for Naples style pizza, Sometimes it's really good, i like their mini pizza for lunch.

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                            "Rubirosa to me, is eating a cracker. I don't understand why anyone likes it. What style is that?"

                            I agree, but just like Gruppo and Vezzo, some people like it. Rubirosa reminded me of a thinner crusted Two Boots.

                    2. Kathryn is kinda awesome! And knows her food biz!

                      1. If you feel full and gross after 2 slices then the pizza is no bueno!!!

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                          .......after 2 bites of Rays "original, one and only, authentic..."

                        2. Who's been to Nicoletta?? And how is it?

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