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Jan 19, 2013 04:37 PM

Boneless Chicken Thigh recipe that would work for sandiwches?

My husband is getting tired and grossed out of regular lunch meat. There was a great sale on boneless chicken thighs, so i picked up a bunch. I would like to turn them into some sort of delicious lunch meat for him, but am coming up short on ideas. It needs to be something that would be good eaten cold on multi grain bread and can be put together quickly at 4:30am. Anyone have any ideas?

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    1. I'd cook them on the grill with whatever flavoring(s) he likes. I tend towards a little oo, soy sauce and lemon juice but really anything would work.

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        My favorite thing is to grill them and then either just eat them (I'm a stay-home guy, so no company at lunch!) or slice them for salads or sandwiches. If I'm grilling I marinate them for about an hour in a mixture of olive oil and Chinese chile oil (NOT sesame!) - put the oils and some salt in a bowl, then drop in the thighs and toss to coat. Cover with a clean towel to keep the bugs out. Then I close them up in a grilling basket and maybe sprinkle on some black pepper and Aleppo pepper and grill them. They can also be done on a baking sheet in the oven. As the only carnivore in the house, a Ziploc bag of these will keep me happy for a week …

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          Ooh, I like the Aleppo suggestion. As a general basting sauce, Mr. O (actually Mr. C as we have diff last names) mixes up a concoction of the Costco Yushida (?sp) sauce, sesame oil, Chinese chili oil, Worchestershire (getting a little fusion action going there). It's never met a meat it didn't like :)

      2. When time is lacking, even just salt and pepper and then grilled is better than you would think. (Never underestimate chicken fat...) Grill pan works great for those of us with real winter, or when you don't have time to preheat the grill. Add a splash of lime juice and cilantro and you've got something fresh and yummy.

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              So simple to make and pack a lot of flavor. Enjoy!

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                It's always a plus when I have all the spices on hand :)

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              Just another vote for this recipe. It's so good. I grill the chicken versus broiling.

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                Man, that sounds good! And agree with c oliver, pantry staples. Into my Pepperplate. Thanks!

              2. I love to broil these (about 5 mins per side) for a nice char and season prior with honey, chili, cumin and lemon juice. I marinate in the spices and then baste with honey/lemon juice mixture for an additional 1 minute per side. Quick, easy and delicious.

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                  That's pretty close to the recipe I posted. Either way, very tasty and easy.