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Jan 19, 2013 04:22 PM

Paris dining with toddlers

We are spending three nights in Paris in June before we head South for a week outside of Gordes. My husband is a chef in Chicago and so we love to dine and have discerning tastes. BUT - this trip we are traveling with our 5 and 3 year-old.

What are some good suggestions for lunches and dinners with our toddlers? We are staying on the right bank in La Madeleine, but want to dine on left bank too of course. Through initial research I have come up with: Ma Bourgogne, La Fontaine de Mars, L'Affriole, Balzar, Bofinger, La Coupe d'Or, Regelade, Chez L'Ami (for lunch), FIsh La Boissonnerie, La Palette, La Coupole, Le Relias de L'Entrecote, AND Breizh Cafe and Creperie Josselin for lunch.
Thoughts? Other suggestions? Are any of these off limits for a couple with two young children (who I hope will be well behaved).
Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

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    1. When my kids were 6 and 3 we'd only go to very casual places. So creperies or boisterous bistros, yes, but the others I wouldn't. Of course, you know your kids better than I do.

      What do people think of Chez Nenesse? That's the kind of place I went to. Is that still good?

      I, for one, really hope to read a report back so we can know for the future.