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Jan 19, 2013 03:09 PM

Going to Momofuku Ssam tonight, quick question regarding wait

Going tonight (Sat - 1/19). Was wondering, what time should I go? And when I go, what kind of wait am I looking at? It's going to be me and girlfriend.

Thanks in advance for the answers/help!

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  1. They have a bar next door called Booker & Dax, but it is seated only, no standing. They will take your name and you can wait at Booker & Dax if they have room, or you can wait outside. There is a counter inside but it is treated like regular seating.

    Earlier is better. If you go around 7pm, shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes at most; gets hairier around 8, 8:30pm. Turnover is fairly quick for a party of 2, unless you refuse to sit at the communal counter. The long communal counter means that parties of 2 will get sat pretty quickly (usually facing each other).

    However, on a Saturday a few months ago, my party of 3 had a one hour wait, and we got there around prime time. We ended up at one of the longer communal tables (an 8 top I think).