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Jan 19, 2013 03:09 PM

Kebab 49 (Dundas & Kipling)

Located 5308 Dundas St. W. replacing Turkish Kitchen

Is it just a name change? New management? New ownership?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It seems to be new owners. Food is even better than before. Pide is wonderful.

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    1. re: florence

      I assume this is something I really need to check out then??


    2. Review in the Star last week iirc

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      1. re: MissBingBing

        Plan to check out.

        Here's the link to the article (about Turkish options):

      2. Was there this evening around 6 pm - popular crowded eat-in area. Plenty of menu choices - they were working quickly to serve up tasty big portions. Tried the mixed topping pide ($10.99) and sigaras. The problem with their sigaras - made with wonton wrappers rather than phyllo pastry. Strange. But still tasty - creamy mint dip was even better. Pide was quite good - almost as good as Pizza Pide on Pape.

        I would definitely return and attempt to eat in next time.

        1. This is a true chow find. Went back for dinner last night (Friday) and by 8 pm there was a full happy buzz of diners and cooks keeping busy. The wood oven lamb cooked in a clay dish was spectacular (spicy and topped with cheese). It comes with rice, an onion-tomato salad and fresh turkish bread. The lahmacun meat is a tad gamey but the iskender paca soup is spot on with tender chunks of beef in a tasty opaque yellow broth, perfect for winter. Meals always end with glass cups of tea (complimentary) and we also had the very tasty turkish fruit juices, sour cherry and peach ($2 per can).

          Two weeks ago, had an equally impressive experience with the wood oven lamb in clay dish (not spicy and served with a regular salad) and ayran yogurt drink.

          This place is the real chow deal!

          1. Kebab 49 makes me so happy. Just want to give some chow love to their iskembe paca soup ("made from cheek and tongue") and fresh bread, and beyti sarma.

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            1. re: Food Tourist

              You've been single-handedly keeping this thread afloat Food Tourist, so I'm going to have to give it a try when I'm down in the area.

              It is pretty close to Antalya, which is a good Turkish restaurant in those parts.

              I'm not too far from Shirin Kebab House on Vic Park and Eglinton, and that's become a staple and go-to restaurant for me. As well as Pizza Pide, or Mr. Pide obviously.

              But will definitely try out Kebab 49 sometime and report back!
              Thanks for the tip.

              1. re: pakmode

                I didn't like Anatolia.
                Love Pizza Pide on Pape.

              2. re: Food Tourist

                Can you clarify what you mean by "iskender paca soup" and "iskembe paca soup?"

                Was one of them a typo or are they two different soups?

                1. re: radiopolitic

                  Sorry, old use of iskender was a typo. That is a main course meat dish.

                  1. re: Food Tourist

                    So it was an iskembe paca soup?

                    Really? Huh. Tripe and foot soup, eh?

                      1. re: Food Tourist

                        Ah, okay.

                        It's kelle paca. Which is traditional and well loved.

                        Iskembe means tripe and I've never heard of iskembe paca soup in my life. It would probably be tasty if done well though.