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Jan 19, 2013 02:48 PM

Dinner in LV next Saturday

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a fun, upbeat, trendy restaurant - price is not really an object yet a really fun space (and good food) is.

Been to Guy Savoy and many of the other top restaurants from five years ago. Also Mix. Staying at Aria so to avoid cab lines perhaps something there or Bellagio ...

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might like Sage; it's a great restaurant.

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    1. re: ellenost

      ellenost, i know you are a big fan of le cirque, which i've never tried, but will finally try in august. i'm looking to have dinner at one other top tier restaurant. where would you go?

      1. re: raider

        Glad you're trying Le Cirque; it's continued to be my favorite restaurant in LV.

        Based on my most recent visit to LV in March, I'd skip Sage (was less impressed on this visit), and if cost is not a concern, I'd try the Innovation and Inspiration menu at Guy Savoy. The dinner was wonderful! Food and service were superb. I had tried Guy Savoy two years ago, and wasn't thrilled with the food (I had the regular tasting menu). Glad I tried it again.

        1. re: ellenost

          many thanks. what's the tab on guy savoy?

          1. re: raider

            $348 per person (no idea why they didn't go with an even $350). Just checked the Degustation menu at Joel Robuchon, and for about the same number of courses, the price at Robuchon is $435 (which makes Guy Savoy look like a bargain!)

    2. Hakkasan at MGM Grand.