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Jan 19, 2013 01:57 PM

Best Lunch in Worcester, Tomorrow/Sunday?

If you had one lunch in Worcester on a Sunday, where would you choose?
We're open to all suggestions, excepting pizza and fried food (even burgers,but we only like them cooked over fire.) Would just appreciate consistence and top quality. Has to be Worcester; we are headed to West Townsend afterwards (and man, that is the hinterlands of hinterlands.) Thx much.

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  1. Hands down the best restaurant in Worcester is Baba sushi. It rivals Oiishi, and the owner, Wilson, has won awards from around the country. If that's not particularly appealing for lunch, I would also recommend bar atmosphere and well executed food.

    Another consideration might be 2 Ovens in Shrewsbury (right on the Worcester line on Rt 9). Pizza, yes, but also alot of other interesting dishes all prepared in one of their 2 ovens. Good bar and beer selection. Here's my original post from back in early Dec:
    and additional discussion in a thread today:

    You'll probably want to post on the Southern NE board, which is where most of the Worcester discussions take place....

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      well darn if everywhere isn't closed sunday afternoons. phooey. no bertuccis related place for me; they lost me looong ago when they started using crap low fat mozzarella on their pizzas. Just don't trust 'em. But thk you sc.

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        I agree about the Bertucci's relation...but they are really doing something different for this enterprise. They are also opening up one in Newton soon, so we'll see how it pans out......where did you end up?

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          we went to EVO. food was good but what an UGHly room. dark and funky feeling, like a mothballed disco.

          Started w/ something i've never seen before- "little pig wings"> 2" pieces of baby pig shanks, braised and then deep fried and served w/ variety of sauces. tender and tasty, w/ a nice crunch to the exterior. eggs benedict would have been perfect if the hollandaise had lemon in it ; it was easily remedied but i never understand how any chef can make a hollandaise w/o lemon. another food oxymoron. the 'homefries' were cleanly deep-fried and a nice change, and included purple and 3 other varieties. whole grain pancakes w/ blueberries and walnuts just fine.very good service. i don't know how long they've been there, but i hope they make enough that they can move to a bright sunny spot that better reflects the quality food.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            I've had mixed experiences there. One lunch was excellent, then a dinner that was quite lackluster. Maybe lunch is there forte?

    2. I'd go to Armsby Abbey. They have great brunch specials on the weekend -- creative and delicious -- plus great beers and cocktails. The breakfast pizzas are wonderful.

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      1. re: Rick_V

        man, would that we had known about this spot. NICE menu.
        what a bonus for worcester. if we do get out there again (been meaning to get to the art museum) this is certainly where we will head. thx much for the heads up.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Chef: I regret not getting that rec to you sooner. The Abbey has been a huge asset to downtown Worcester. The menu changes regularly based on available ingredients, and everything is prepared with care and flavor. It is an adult establishment -- they don't accomodate kids -- and they don't compromise much (e.g., they have a world class selection of beers but refuse to serve stuff like Bud Light). But I know people who drive from Boston to go there. I'm glad it's in town.

          They plan an expansion which will increase seating (it's often crowded) and also give them a full kitchen (the current one is tiny, limiting the menu).

          Oh, and you're right on target regarding EVO. Nice, creative food and good service in a very unfortunate space.

      2. Not in Worcester but only 90 seconds over the line is Oli's Eatery in West Boylston on Rt 12 ( They ARE open on Sundays and are Italian-oriented, lots of great pasta options and far more interesting than the standard Italian restaurant IMO. I go there frequently for lunch because it's close to work, but more importantly because the lunch prices are decent ($7.99-8.99) with large portions and great tasting dishes.