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Jan 19, 2013 01:31 PM

Veranda Thai Market- Forest Avenue

We were so excited to try the new VTM on Forest Ave. not only for interesting produce but also to try their take out. We are so disappointed!!
Ordered 3 take out dishes- duck w/ mustard greens, pad thai w/ mussels and calamari,and chicken / broccoli in a 3 star sauce. The duck was inedible. Mostly uncooked fat and very small bones. Perhaps the feet and wings? The "mustard greens" were the stalks of bok choi. The pad thai had two mussels and two calamari- both very old tasting and I still feel sick just thinking about the off flavor. The chicken/ broccoli was very underseasoned and bland.
I hope the owners read these reviews because I do wish them the best but........

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  1. Forest avenue in which city and in which state?

    1. Too bad. I assume it's the same owners as Veranda Thai on Veranda St which is usually pretty good.
      Oh yeah, Portland Maine