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Jan 19, 2013 01:21 PM

Patisseries in San Francisco

What crawl would you plot for a visiting pastry chef? Tartine, yes. B.Patisserie, hoping it finally opens. Kara's cupcakes? or no? Your idea of the most interesting at this time? Many thanks.

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  1. B. is getting closer...

    Definitely Craftsmen + Wolves, maybe also make a reservation for their tea service.

    The Ferry Building offers density--on a Saturday market, you could hit up Downtown Bakery, Della Fattoria and Les Elements, as well as the vendors inside the building in kiosks or permanent spaces.

    I might pop into one of the coffee shops that serves fine-quality pastries, such as Sightglass or Four Barrel. Their pastries are not made in-house, but are purchased through a few vendors like Starter Bakery and Neighbor Bakery, which sells, to my taste, the best croissant in SF.

    Cupcakes don't interest me too much, so no opinion on Kara's, but I am certain we have several cupcake experts among us who can offer better intel.

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      blue bottle also has limited but often intriguing stuff. mariposa in ferry plaza is a fave among gluten frees.

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        Also at the Ferry Building are Boulette's Larder and Miette (permanent shops indoors). Tout Sweet on the third floor of the Union Square Macy's (opened by Yigit Pura, last mille feuille left standing in first season of Top Chef Desserts).

      2. Reports have been mixed, but I still think it would be worth checking out Tout Sweet.

        1. def first two. knead is doing some really different things well (esp salty sweet). it's always a treat to try the the limited offerings @ boulettes larder. mr & miscellaneous has addictive cookies (and ice cream).

          1. Skip Kara's unless you're going to blur your pastry crawl with a cupcake/cake crawl too.

            Tout Sweet, Neighbor Bakery, and Pattiserie Phillipe shouldn't be missed for croissants.

            Black Jet Bakery for sweets.

            Craftsmen & Wolves is an important stop, as is Tartine.

            Arizmendi is good for some pastry like items.

            The tip about Blue Bottle is right on, they carry some interesting items, but mostly cookies.

            Cafe Roma was also carrying interesting pastries, bombolini, and other treats the last time I was there. Everything was pricey, but nicer looking than expected.

            Stella, Victoria and Dianda's carry some Italian style sweets like Napoleons, that might fit your tour.

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              I believe that the Mission outpost of Coffee Bar is carrying Patisserie Philippe's wares, if that is of interest to the OP.

              You can also get stuff from b patisserie at Front which is out of the way but a neat location and plenty of free parking (there's a phrase I don't often type on the SF board). Their coffee is worth a taste. Great affogatos too.

            2. Thanks so much for all of this great info. Please keep it coming. Planned visit is in early February. Again, many, many thanks.