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I need a bad ass restaurant in Hell's Kitchen !!

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Non- Italian

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  1. Define "bad ass."

    How many people? How much do you want to spend? Any other criteria besides "not Italian" and "bad ass"?

    1. Ok ok!!... 4 people.. Foodies.. Mostly Italians who have been in the industry ( hence we're tired of Italian food) ... By bad ass.. I mean innovative cool atmosphere not super fancy ( ex. Pig & Khao ) killer food!! Sorry Kathryn.. Haha.. I was rushing!

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      1. re: Heisenbergcooksblue

        How about Danji?

      2. Isn't it always super crowed In there??? How do u like it?? I heard the food amazing

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        1. re: Heisenbergcooksblue

          So you want innovative, cool atmosphere, not fancy, killer food, and not crowded?

          1. re: kathryn

            Yes k, Danji looks killer!! Thank u!!