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Jan 19, 2013 12:25 PM

Help! Forced to eat at Toca tonight... What the he** should I order??

Party of 6, birthday dinner tonight at Toca. Kind of dreading it... "rip off", "flavourless", and "oily" are terms used to describe the resto and its dishes here on the Chowhound board. I've checked out the menu online and given all the negative comments, I'm wondering what to order? Has anyone had even a remotely decent experience there in the last 3 months? (Last post about Toca seems to have been at the end of October). I'm crossing my fingers, hoping they've made some changes to the kitchen or something??


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  1. Didn't they fired the original chef a couple of months ago? Maybe it's improved?

      1. re: justxpete

        If you really don't want to try, you can eat something moderate / small beforehand and just get a small salad. No shame in that :-)

        1. re: ekim256

          So I did in fact pre-eat, and that helped! Thanks for the suggestion.

          The food was fair (which is a little better than I was expecting). The steak tartare was great, and the lamb merguez sausage was fairly tasty. The frites were delicious, which was a nice surprise. The potato tazi was horrible (and strongly recommended to us) and the cheese croquettes were about the same as those found in the freezer aisle. The flatbread was mediocre. For mains most had steaks, which were acceptable.

          One interesting experience: I ordered a vegetarian curried stew as my main and asked for it extra spicy and it was not -- it was incredibly mild. So I asked for cayenne pepper or hot sauce and was brought sriracha and "our special hot sauce". I used the latter and afterwards, the waitress insisted on bringing the bottle of hot sauce and showing it to me: It was Nando's hot piri-piri sauce!