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Jan 19, 2013 12:20 PM

Dumpling + Noodle Bronxville

Went to this place on Saturday afternoon and it was jam packed with diners and people getting takeout. The only reason we did not have to wait for a table is because two people sitting at a large table let us sit with them. It was no problem as far as i was concerned.

While it will not replace a trip to Chinatown, we give it an overall thumbs up.

We ordered:

Shrimp and Pork Shumai - these were very large and came as an order of four. Not at all doughy and very tasty.

Roast Duck Noodle Soup = I have had this at both Noodle Bar in NY and Great NY Noodletown. I would say it was comparable to those

Pho - Here's where it got less authentic although it tasted good. The generous portion of beef and noodles, not quite enough broth. The noodles were a little thicker than other Pho places I have tried ' Na Trang and Pho 206 in West Hartford. However, it did come with the bean sprouts and Thai basil. At least the portion size was good for the price.

Other problems were the fact that there was no Sirracha or other condiments on the table anywhere and we had to ask. They looked at us like we were weird. But the people next to us had to ask as well. They brought out a little dish of it, not the whole bottle.

Also, the people next to us found the ice tea to be undrinkable because it was too sweet. It actually looked like a Creamsicle. Later we overheard another lady telling the house manager the same thing. He said he would adjust it, but who knows.

All that aside, we would definitely go back since there is nowhere nearby that has these types of soups. I do recommend the duck noodle soup and the dumplings.

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  1. jcmods, thanks for the review. I wish there was a website/menu online, but so far I can't find one.

    If I'm correct, the iced tea sounds like Thai Iced Tea, which is served with sweetened condensed milk. At other Thai restos, I've ordered it without the milk, and it's a delicious brew, especially iced.

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      Yes, that's exactly what they serve. Be advised they close during lunch and dinner.

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        We were there today, If you go take note that they close between lunch and dinner, at least on Saturday, this is not reflected on the menu. I did not like it as much as jcmods However like jcmods suggested to staff they leave the much needed condiments on tables.

        I found the soup broth to be lacking in depth of flavor and had to do a fair amount of doctoring to make mine palatable. The wontons in the shrimp wonton noodle soup had a bit more of a slimy rather than slippery texture I was less impressed with the handmade noodles though. The duck had a rubbery texture and was definitely reheated in the microwave it was extrememly bony as well with very little meat on the bones in addition some pieces were so salty they were inedible while others had virtually no seasoning at all. The pork and vegetable dumpling skins were unpleasantly thick and tasted like carrots (they were very orange) the filling however was good the dipping sauce on the other hand was flavorless. fried rice with beef was the only dish that tasted properly seasoned.

        I spoke of my experience to the staff who who appeared to welcome the feedback. The staff is made up of a mix of Filipino, Thai and Chinese workers, they were all pleasant.

        All this and it was still better than any local Chinese take out IMO. I will go back when I am not with my husband to explore menu items more to my liking. The food and the limited menu choices sort of remind me more of a fast food take out type of place they don't match the interior space IMO, this is not a complaint just an observation.

        1. re: chowdom

          All valid criticisms. I think I am being a little more generous because of its location and the fact that we went there when it was Onn's and it was absolutely atrocious and bizarre. It is light years ahead of that.

            1. re: mrsdebdav

              Terribly designed site, don't you think? With the very busy background, some of the listings are really difficult to read...

                1. re: roxlet

                  I have seen many worse web sites than that (Orissa in Dobbs Ferry comes to mind). However, restaurants really have to understand that people are annoyed by all the flashy graphics that -- in many cases -- take forever to load.

                  1. re: rolise

                    I don't know why that's happening. I tried the website on both Chrome and Firefox, and it def loaded for me. Sorry!

              1. I went there today and had the Thai iced tea without milk. They said they had cut down on the sweetness an it tasted fine. actually, I added a little sugar..

                1. A friend and I went there for the lunch specials today. We found the food very good. The Thai iced tea is not as sweet now--they listened to their customers. In fact, I added just a little sugar. the chicken and noodle entree was very tasty, as was the General Tso's chicken. We enjoyed the dumplings and spring rolls too. The special desserts were extraordinary--they haven't been put on the website yet, but be sure and try them. We shared steamed custard buns that were very sweet and tasty with the flavor of coconut. then we shared taro pastry, a cross between pie crust and shortbread. Delicious and different. We'll definitely be back.

                  1. My son and I had a very nice lunch here today. We both started with dumplings, and we also found the portions very generous and the quality very good. He had a soup with roast pork and dumplings, and I had the pho with beef. Both were very good and very generous portions, which neither of us could finish. It was a lot of food for $25. And the place was packed. Later on, we were at the squash club, and everyone there were ordering from the place, singing its praises as well. Based on our meal there as well as the good business they seem to be doing so early in their run, I'm hoping that we finally have a winner in that location. We will definitely be back. By the way, they deliver after 6PM...

                    1. For what it's worth, the Patch gave it a nice non-review.