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Jan 19, 2013 12:20 PM

Non-Viennese Vienna? Sturmi? Others?

We (two parents, two teens) are in Vienna for four months, and thanks to this site we are off to a decent start with good authentic local food. We love Viennese food! However, I am wondering if anyone can recommend the best "other-than-Viennese" restaurants or even good food stalls. We love Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Turkish etc just to change things up.

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  1. Vienna is full of pizzerias, sushi restaurants, döner kebab places etc...

    Maybe you could tell me in which area of Vienna you will live, so that I can give you a few hints where to go ?

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    1. re: Sturmi

      19th, a block away from Turkenschanzpark, but very willing to travel for great food!

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        19th district is not very dense with great ethnic restaurants, but there is a great Italian deli on Billrothstrasse: Alimentari San Carlo

        There are quite a few Italian pizza places a short distance away, in the 9th district: The Pizzeria Riva on Türkenstrasse, the Pizzeria Mar on Müllnergasse, the Pizzeria Giuliano on Tendlergasse.

        Riva is a no frills, hi-quality pizza-Naples-style pizzeria.

        Giuliano is run by a couple from Sardegna, pizza is OK, pasta and seafood is even better. I love the spaghetti alla vongole and the fritto misto.

        Mar is in fact a croatian place, small and very popular, and providing truly "Italian" cuisine. Great in summer when outdoor dining is possible. They have a nice, thick pan pizza, great seafood and salads, very friendly service.

        For very special Italian cuisine we prefer the Cantina - Osteria Friulana on 1., Bartensteingasse. Best for late lunches after 2 p.m., dinner can be very noisy and crowded.
        Food is excellent and always freshly prepared friulian osteria fare. You get hooked to this kind of food easily...

        Even more ecclectic is Raetus Wetter on 16.,Yppenplatz, His Ligurian cuisine also changes daily and is presented in an Italian-only menu, but the waiters will translate for you. Definitely an experience for saturday lunches, after shopping the farmers market on Yppenplatz.

        Close by is one of the best Turkish places. Restaurant Kent offers not only döner, but also great stuffed cabbage rolls or lamp chops and wonderful mezze. Great outdoor dining in summer.

        Warning: There are many döner kebab stalls and kiosks all over town, a döner sandwich is cheap, around 2 - 3 Euro. But you do not get what you pay for, most of them will only sell you cheap chicken döner !! Very few places sell "real" döner kebab, made from veal and lamb meat. We like the lamb/veal style one sold only on saturdays on 18., Kutschkermarkt, at the "Weltmeister" döner kiosk corner Schulgasse/Kutschkermarkt.

        There is a great Vietnamese place on 9.,Sechsschimmelgasse, the Hanoi Express.
        For Vietnamese outdoor dining their sister restaurant Good Morning Vietnam on 15., Märzstrasse is the best. Dining on a summer sunday you might feel transplanted to a quiet backyard back in Viet nam...

        For Indian food we like the Jaipur Palace on 9., Brünnlbadgasse.
        Quite freshly prepared Indian standards, not too spicy.
        Take away and home delivery are provided. But local food forums tell me that the quality may vary...

        There are quite a few Indian restaurants on Burggasse. We used to go to the Mogulhof at 7.,Burggasse 12

        But even better than Turkish or Indian food is Iranian food !!
        Try the Hatam grill on 9., Währingerstrasse. Their kebabs are better than anywhere else, simply because of the "Jello" rice served with it...

        Sushi: There is a very popular Sushi on 19., Billrothstrasse:
        Teka Sushi.
        But we prefer the small Hanil on 18., Gymnasiumstrasse:
        But the best sushi in town, real, authentic sushi you might offer even your guests from Japan, is found here:

        But wait, we have not yet talked about CHINESE food !!
        I have to close now for today, but I have posted earlier on chinese food in Vienna, please look up these postings...

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thank you! I will make sure to post a report when I try these.

    2. One of the best (non-Viennese) food for a great price you get right now at Charlie P's at Währinger Straße: perfect duck confit, great rabbit terrine, dulce, deer sausages - a realy nice mixture of classic french cooking and british pub food.

      For Vietnamese food try Vietthao on Karlsplatz - the braised pork belly is amazing.

      Thai: Isaan Kitchen in Gumpendorfer Straße is very goo, the food here tastes a lot like in northern Thailand. Sadyl, it also looks a lot like places there.

      Best Pizza: Clearly Pizzeria Mari close to Karmeliter Markt. Its a student/hipster place but the pizza is way better than anywhere else in town.

      Indian: Hard, but try Nirvana at Rotenturm Straße. Some days, they do a fantastic vegetarian plate. Some days, they dont.

      Sushi: Stay away from it in Vienna imo. Most people here want it to be cheap, and thats what it tastes (and even smells) like.

      If you need some more info, check out - its still work in progress, but it might help!

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      1. re: nevernude

        I am excited to try the Thai. I find it very hard to find Thai that tastes like it does in Thailand.

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          Based on your guidethatsalwaysright we went to Kaffee Fabrik just for coffee. We have really been struggling to get what we would call a good latte. Kaffee Fabrik made a great Latte, smooth, good beans, good roast-- however still not quite right on the one factor we have been craving---HEAT! The barista was great though and we learned a lot about coffee in Vienna and she promised that if we came back and asked for an especially hot latte that she would do it.
          So far, the most consistently hot and good latte we have found is at Blue Orange. Just in case anyone else has been looking!

        2. I don't have much to recommend for your area as I'm normally in the Innerstadt area when visiting but here are a few we've enjoyed over the past year:

          Petit Maroc (Morrocan) - Neubaugasse 84
          Vietthao - Karlsplatz (recommeded by nevernude as well)
          Do - An (sit down Turkish) - Naschmarkt
          Bodega Marques (Spanish tapas) - Parisergasse 1
          Ella's (Mediterranean) - Judenplatz 10
          Levante (Middle Eastern) - Josefstädter Straße 14

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          1. re: vanderb

            As I said, I am more than happy to travel for good food so recommendations need not be nearby! I only mentioned my location because I was asked. I will make sure to write a report when I visit any of these.

          2. Good news and news less so.

            There is an exquisite thai shop that serves lunch in Schweglerstrasse 19 in the 15th district. (On the U3 subway line at the Schweglerstrasse stop, take exit Märzstrasse.) This is actually a grocery with a wholesale operation. All other thai restaurants buy their ingredients here.
            New deliveries of herbs and vegetables come in on Tuesday.
            Eating here is a bit rough in social terms, with service rather unpredictable, but the food does taste like the real thing.

            There is no Vietnamese nor Korean worth mentioning and you must take great care with any shop serving fish. The only genuine good japanese bistro - Kuishimbo - serves very limited selections of fish, but does very good vegetables and noodles.

            Worth trying is the new age fusion chinese ON in Wehrgasse, but the owner spreads himself too thinly over three large scale operations. ON can occasionally be sensational.

            I close with a jibe that will owe me flaming, but I stand by it - you must avoid Kim Kocht and it satellites.

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            1. re: hblnk

              I agree: Kim kocht is not a recommendation. I was once in her first sushi shop, was served by her and was quite disappointed. The hype surrounding her places is just a clever marketing trick...

              OTOH I would not be so strict about fish. I always eat whole fried fish at Good Morning Vietnam, and always enjoyed the taste. No question that these fish are imported deep frozen...

              The best addresses for fresh fish of high quality (and price) are the Croatian seafood restaurants, such as Kornat and Aurelius in 1., Marc Aurelstrasse, Bodolo on 17., Hernalser Haupstrasse, Lubin in 3.,Hainburgerstrasse or Konoba on 16.,Lerchenfelderstrasse. They get fresh fish twice a week from Croatia, and you can choose whether you want a fish from aquaculture or a wild caught one.

              1. re: Sturmi

                I forgot to mention our favorite greek place: Taverna Lefteris

                Here you go not for the food, which is standard Greek fare, but for the atmosphere on the evenings when they have live music. The band is sitting right between the tables, and often regulars will join in. This is a classic meeting point for Greek expats, and everybody else is welcome to join...