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Jan 19, 2013 12:17 PM

Choose a cookbook for me......

I know these are not the most current cookbooks out there, but I was in the bookstore today and found:

Rick Bayless - Mexican Everyday
Thomas Keller - Bouchon

I'm up to the task of tackling either of these books. The Bouchon book could take up one of my kitchen counters it's so big (and beautiful). lol!!

Which one would you choose, and why?

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  1. I would choose the Bouchon book solely because there are much better Mexican books out there. I have a couple of Bayless's books and, whilst I enjoy them, compared to a Matt Martinez book, his food is downright bland.

    That said, I've got 4 Keller books, and their oversized nature just bothers me.

    1. Having never read either of these books and after a quick look up of the books and the types of recipes I will discover within, I'm leaning towards 'Bouchon', however, if I did try this book I would want to dedicate most of my month to testing it out.

      I guess I chose Bouchon because it looks like the recipes will offer more variety in flavours.

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        I'm leaning more towards Bouchon. I agree with both of you, more variety. Guess I'll have to clear one of my counters when I haul it out. LOL!

      2. Bouchon because I love Thomas Keller and I don't care how big the book is!!

        1. You say 'you're up o the task'. OK order this one used from Amazon. It's about fifteen bucks. Start at page 8. Seriously. If you want to experience preparing then eating some of the best classic French dishes ever made tuck into this recipe book. For me it was like someone handed me the keys to a Ferrari 458. Same sort of exhilaration. Sounds weird maybe but there you have it. The only absolute rule is one must never deviate from the recipes. Otherwise there's no point. When the recipe calls for 6 parts flour to 5 parts CLARIFIED butter (by weight of course) don't use regular butter and don't just throw in 5 to 5 amounts. Like that. The results are never the same.

          1. I can offer you some context on one of your options:

            Mexican Everyday is my "go-to" book for delicious, authentic Mexican dishes.

            I have all RB's books in addition to a fairly decent sized Mexican cookbook collection (30+ books). I would count this book amongst the best. The recipes are approachable, well-written and produce consistently impressive results. I also happen to be a big fan of Rick and have been fortunate enough to dine as his restaurants on several occasions. Mexican Everyday allows you to produce recipes you would find in some of his restaurants at home.

            If you're interested in seeing if his recipes and cooking style is of interest, RB has an excellent website with a number of wonderful recipes: