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Jan 19, 2013 12:14 PM

Ft Lauderdale vs Miami eating for foodies

We have done our past two long-ish weekend breaks to South Beach. We both love to eat. Places we really enjoyed include Naoe (and I realize there is no comparision in the SE US to it), Michys, The Dutch, Ola. Michael's was probably better than we remember, but we went there the day after Naoe. So all relatively trendy, higher-end places.

So my question is, will we find similar places that will be close to as great in Fort Lauderdale. South Beach is expensive, pretentious, etc. I like the closeness to Atlanta to going down there for a getaway, but would like a different place to stay. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You should try Bourbon Steak, it is in Aventrua.

    1. Steak 954, Johnny V's, Valentino's and Casa d' Angelo work. I used to be a big fan of 3030 Ocean but have not been in a while. Market 17 was very good but has a fairly new chef. Oh, hearing good things about a casual spot called d/b/a cafe. If you like "red sauce" Italian in a fun clubby environment check out Cafe Martarano.

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          That may make it a great date place...

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              After 7 years of marriage that might be a good idea ;)

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                Buccan in Palm Beach is worth the drive from Ft Lauderdale. Or even from Miami. Fantastic. Chef used to be at Azul at Mandarin in Miami.

      1. I used to live in Miami all my life and then moved to Ft Lauderdale a little over a year ago. You will not find that calibre of fine dining in Fort Lauderdale...yet. It's a lot more low-key in Broward County and the demographic is older and a little more traditional Anglo-American (think the American parents from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). The fine dining restaurants that you find people raving about in Ft Lauderdale will serve dishes that were considered "new" in the 90s or early 2000s.

        Perhaps one of the few higher-end places that would be worth checking out for its almost fanatical dedication to the locavore philosophy is Market 17, which I found to be mediocre if compared to 1500 Degrees or The Dutch in Miami, who are also doing the same farm-to-table concept.

        There are some good places to eat in Ft Lauderdale, but definitely not higher-end places like those you went to in Miami.