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Jan 19, 2013 11:45 AM

Pizza to rival Motorino/Keste/Co in Jackson Heights

A new "gourmet" pizza spot, Pagliaccio, dazzles in Jackson Heights with imaginative pies with fresh ingredients served in a spacious environment. Prices are gentle and variety is plentiful.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. it's actually quite good for pies. i wouldn't say it's as good as that wave of places, but it's in that vein. creative pies, good ingredients and a nice space. i like the crust, and i like the sweetness of the sauce, but i think the toppings can be a little off balance -- would have liked a bit more cheese on the ones i had.

    2. i've only tried it for a slice, which admittedly isn't a very comprehensive trial. and i also tried their empanadas, which are argentine or al horno style.

      slice was pretty good. sauce was a bit sweet. crust was a bit bready. and cheese tasted like there was a slight admixture of something like fontina with the mozzarella, which was actually quite nice. the prices are very reasonable and the environment is nice, although not exactly cozy or alluring. it definitely is striving for a bit of gourmet vibe. but whether or not it achieves that is still debatable. i'll have to try a pie. but i wasn't left thinking i needed to run back there to have a pie right away. also, the empanadas were good. again, nothing great and not even quite as good as la nueva over on 37th. but for me, the empanadas were a bit dry and the filling on the meat wasn't quite juicy and sweet enough to be convincing.