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Jan 19, 2013 11:36 AM

Any way to salvage cheap, bitter orange juice?

Last week, when my cash flow was a bit restricted, I tried to stretch my grocery dollars by buying Kroger brand frozen orange juice (with calcium) instead of my usual Minute Maid. I had previously discovered that there's enough difference in quality to justifying buying the Minute Maid, but I figured I could put up with less-than-perfect orange juice for a week. Problem is, it's not just less than ideal, it tastes bitter.

I hate to waste food, so is there anything I can do with this to make it useful? I tried making a smoothie with frozen strawberries and mangoes, but the bitter orange juice overwhelmed the fruit (although it tasted better after I tried mixing in some plain yogurt). I have about a pint of mixed juice and a carton of still frozen juice (which underscores how bad the juice is, since I usually go through two cartons of frozen OJ in a week). I'd love to have a more healthful suggestion than mixing it with ginger ale or dumping sugar into it.

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  1. I'd look for a marinade recipe to use it up.

    1. Supposedly, salt brings out sweetness. So I would experiment with a pinch of salt in 4-6 oz. of juice, if you don't have sodium issues. If it helps, fine. If not, try Nectresse, a new sweetener that combines a fruit extract with a tiny amount of sugar. Or try cooking down a cup or so of juice, reducing by a third or more, and taste that. If it's better, reduce the rest and freeze to use as a syrup or when making homemade jello.

      1. I don't know if it's workable in your situation - but, frozen OJ concentrate is a great dressing for a fruit salad... just add a couple of tablespoons to a bowl of your favorite chopped up friut with maybe a bit of ginger and mint... it's money.

        1. Can you mix the bad OJ with another, better juice?

          1. Mix it with cheap vodka....