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Jan 19, 2013 11:04 AM

B&B or Inn under an hour from Cambridge w/SlowFood bent, or near rest. w/same?

We're looking for a one night getaway, preferably not an in-town place, with something outstanding food-wise, where we can enjoy peace and quiet (a no-kids place would be ideal; "romantic" I suppose is the code word for that.) Either the Inn/B&B or a restaurant nearby should be veggie-friendly (though we're not 100%), or offer a slowfood version of fine dining; locavore would be great. We will not enjoy places with cream sauce, duck fat, or bacon in most of the items on the menu. We're big fans of Oleana, Front St., Highland Kitchen, & Craigie on Main but we don't need a full blown suburban equivalent of a meal at one of those places. The tricky part here is the accommodations, not just the restaurant. If it were, we'd be looking to try out a place like AKA Bistro in Lincoln, but in that case, where to stay?

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  1. Hello, The Stonehedge Inn may be a little more than your 1-hour limit but in the zone. I haven't been here but had flagged it to check out sometime; I treat myself to maybe one spa visit a year in the depth of winter and thought about getting the husband to go with me for lunch to try it out, with a spa visit. The menu is more like a formal restaurant than a relaxed, rustic, slow-food place but it looks very nice - if not too adventurous. Impressive wine cellar.

    (If anyone has been, please report back.)

    You also might consider the Berkshires; there a lot of places to dine and stay like you are describing there within a three-hour drive from Cambridge. Berkshire Grown has a map and search function to find restaurants, inns with locally sourced food:

    Stonehedge Inn & Spa
    Tyngsboro, Mass.

    1. We enjoyed our stay at the Martin Hill Inn in Portsmouth, NH last year. The innkeeper was very much into the locavore/slow food esthetic and I had some really fun conversations with her. I'd suggest that you call and ask her about dining options - we had a great meal at 106 Kitchen but it has since closed. Not sure about Black Trumpet for veggie options.

      There's a LeRoux Kitchen store (one of my favorites) in Portsmouth, lots of cute little shops downtown, and some nice hiking nearby if you're into that. Only an hour away and it made a nice getaway weekend from the kids :)

      1. portsmouth n.h.- Black Trumpet. Major force in locavore everything; very talented chef and staff. I have done a number of CH threads about them. Portsmouth a handsome historic seaport for walking and driving around.

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