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Jan 19, 2013 10:48 AM

Jean-Georges lunch policy change?

Just had a delicious lunch at Jean-Georges (as usual). Every time I've been, though, the pricing has been for 2 courses (plus a supplement for any additional courses). But you could order whatever 2 courses you want, regardless of what "section" of the menu they were in. Today, I ordered two dishes from the "heavier" section of the menu (my words, as the 3 sections don't actually have headers or categories), and when the bill showed up, I had been charged and $8 "open food" supplement. Mind you, neither of the dishes l ordered carried a supplement in and of themselves (like some of the dishes do, like the egg caviar, scallops or wagyu). But this charge was just for ordering two dishes from the "entree" section. Is this a new policy? The menu certainly didn't specify this. It doesn't say anything about the $38 price being dependent on ordering one dish for the "lighter" sections and one from the "heavier". Has anyone else heard about this change?

Just wondering, because I've done this plenty if times before and not been charged extra.

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  1. Did you question this charge to your server or a manager?

    1. ??? If you have "done this plenty of times before" - Why didn't you speak up and ask the wait staff about this anomaly then and there??!!

      1. Well, when we ordered, the server acted a little unsure and said there might be a supplement and that he would check with the chef. We mentioned that was fine, but that there hadn't been one in the past. So it wasn't a complete surprise when the bill showed up. Plus, they've been so good to us over the years, bringing out extra dishes or glasses of wine, it felt silly to complain about an $8pp charge.

        I was just curious if any other CHers were aware of a change that I wasn't.

        1. I went to lunch there for the first time this week and was hit with the same $8 supplement charge. I hadn't read anything on here about there being an extra charge for choosing two entrees so i was a little surprised but they did let me know when I was placing my order.

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            I did ask the waiter if it would be an issue choosing two entrees and had no problem paying the supplement charge. I don't even think the Op was complaining just asking for clarification on a charge they said was not charged previously.

          2. They've been doing this for years.

            There's a reason the dishes are listed on the menu -- in sections -- they're arranged by "course". Diners get to pick two courses, an entree, and another course. I wonder how many people who can afford and appreciate a restaurant like this need any more explanation than that. I admit that I've not noticed that the menu explicitly forbids ordering two from a single section.

            I don't know, maybe I'm in the minority on this, but I'd feel extremely self-conscious asking for two entrees -- much less complaining to *anyone* about the modest add-on cost.

            C'mon, folks. It's Jean-Georges, it's not the "Pick Two Dishes (and 30 shrimp)" deal at Red Lobster.

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            1. re: shaogo

              Respectfully I disagree. Leaving these details implicit it makes it a test, a shibboleth, for what class you come from. It says less about what a person can afford or enjoy, than what privileges have been conferred upon them. It's a subtle version of which order of forks to use on a table. Nobody deserves to experience that, in this day and age.

              The Modern has a menu format that isn't that different, and conveys how to order quite clearly. Surely a *** restaurant can figure it out, too.

              1. re: calf

                Calf said it perfectly. I feel like going to JG now and doing exactly what they do not want me to do. I might smack someone.

                1. re: calf

                  Old thread but I just saw this. When we were there recently, the server specified that we could get one from the bottom/third menu and one from the top two. Or both from the top two.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    We were told the same by our server and that was about a year ago.