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Jan 19, 2013 10:47 AM

Moscow worth-the-$$$$ dining suggestions

My husband and I are going to Moscow soon (end of Jan 2013) and are looking for some suggestions. We are willing to blow the budget at least once while we're there, maybe two or three times for restaurants that are truly worth the expense. We're staying at the Marriott Tverskaya and won't have a car, so we'd prefer something that is accessible via the Metro or is a short taxi ride away. We are willing to deal with menus that aren't in English and staff that speak little/no English.

We'd love:

1. Eastern European/Russian cuisines -- the more unusual the better, the less touristy the better.
2. Particularly excellent or interesting non-Russian/Eastern European cuisines. That is, we aren't especially looking for Italian cuisine Moscow, but if there's a place in Moscow that does Italian-Russian fusion or does straight Italian cuisine particularly well, we'd be up for it.

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