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Jan 19, 2013 09:33 AM

Restaurant King/Spadina - new?

I'm hoping one of you geographically smart Chowhounders can help. I've walked past a new restaurant west of King and Spadina on the north side. It has a large bar central-left and set back, high ceilings, big space, very modern and bright, big rectory table (it looked like) on the far left and other tables throughout - no crowding here. It's the ground floor of one of those old buildings and I think before Brant.Anyone know the name? I thought it might be Italian but am coming up empty!

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  1. Weslodge or something? You might try street view on Google.

    1. If an old building and Italian it is probably Alimento. It is a resto and Italian grocery store.

      1. Definitely sounds like Alimento. It's right on the northeast corner of King and Brant.

        Weslodge has a bright yellow frame around the entrance that really stands out.

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          The store is Alimento, the restaurant in it is called Bar Mozza.

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            If it's Alimento, they're closed (I think) for renovations.