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Jan 19, 2013 08:55 AM

wine pairing for Spanish multicourse meal

Hosting a wine/multicourse dinner. I have basics of the meal laid out and would love some insight into Spanish varietals I should look at for my pairings.

manchego, chorizo, quince jelly, marcona almonds, serrano ham

garlic shrimp/crusty bread

hot almond soup

will be either Trout escabeche or Rabbit escabeche

Catalan inspired fruit tart (with pears and dates, topped with nuts)


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  1. With nibbles/apps/soup: good quality sherry (fino and/or amontillado)

    With main: Vina Tondonia rosado (most recent vintage available) or maybe an Albarino from Galicia or Juve Y Camp cava brut rosado; not too many reds will work with this..

    Desert: Malaga (Jose Ordonez)

    1. The Malaga I listed is produced by Jorge Ordonez, not Jose...

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      1. re: penthouse pup

        thanks for the thoughts. Would like a different pairing for each course though...

      2. I would do a cava with the nibbles, an albarino or rueda with the garlic shrimp course. I'm not sure how you're preparing the almond soup but you could serve either a red or white rioja here I love the wines from Muga, both older and more recent vintages. I think the escabeche is the hardest one to pair here because of the acid. Perhaps others can weigh in. To me, the dessert calls out for sherry and I like to serve it at the end of the meal instead of at the beginning. Enjoy!

        1. I've never met a Txakolina I didn't like ... light, well balanced white, slightly effervescent (petulant?). I'm not great at pairings, but it could be good with the shrimp.

          I would start with Cava, just because I like to be festive and start with bubbles :)

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          1. re: babette feasts

            Great call and sorry for missing it! The txakolina actually might have enough acid for the escabeche. It's perfect actually with it's slight effervescence.