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Jan 19, 2013 08:38 AM

No Peel Potato Casserole...for freezing?

Does anyone have a good recipe for a potato dish that I can freeze? The only requirements are that I have lots of smaller type potatoes (fingerling and red new potatoes) and do not want to have to peel them all. I'd also like to be able to freeze the casserole. And please be sure to say when to freeze it (prior to or after cooking).

Also, on a side note, I have a really good sweet potato casserole recipe but it calls for some cream and I was not sure if that would freeze well. It's only 1/3 cup of cream for a giant casserole (feeds 10-12), but am unsure if I can freeze it because I heard dairy based things don't always freeze right and come out with a weird texture....what do you think? Can I freeze it?

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  1. cream and potato based dishes just don't freeze well. the cream often separates or gets grainy. the potato texture changes for the worse.

    what is your timing conflict that this dish requires freezing?

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      I don't have a timing conflict....other than I have a LOT of potatoes that I can't eat before they will start to go bad. So I wanted to make a dish and freeze it. I can forget a casserole....but I want to use up the potatoes and I don't think there is anyway I can eat them all. Plus I am lazy and do not want to peel them all, especially since most are small.

    2. Cream freezes fine - the more fat the better. But potatoes do not. They get grainy and weepy. If you MUST, definitely cook before freezing.

      You can use small potatoes unpeeled for rustic-style mashed potatoes, which will freeze better than intact potatoes. After reheating you may need to stir well and perhaps blend in a little more dairy in some form.

      You could also make, fry, then freeze latkes. Reheat from frozen in the oven.

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        Latkes are the only potato dish that freezes well in my experience, though I would guess hash browns might too.

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          So, should I bother trying to freeze the sweet potato casserole? Do they freeze well or are they like regular potatoes?

        2. As others have indicated, potatoes do not freeze well....I would par boil and cut into 0.5-1.0 inch cube and slices and freeze. I would not make any recipe or dish before freezing.