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Jan 19, 2013 08:30 AM

Ontario Butternut Squash

I remember Ontario butternut squash usually being available well into the spring (and the Foodland Ontario website says it should be around until March). In the last few weeks, trying a few local supermarkets, all I can find is butternut squash imported from Mexico, which annoys me greatly because I find it tasteless and squishy. A friend of mine says Ontario squash gets sold at a premium to Japan and then cheaper Mexican squash gets imported to us. Anyone know the truth? Or still can find Ontario squash at a major grocery store?

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  1. I know that there was a lot less squash this year at the farmer's markets. One farmer told me the weather wasn't ideal for it and they were sold out of squash at Brickworks much earlier than usual. I still have a couple stashed away, so wasn't looking around for Ontario squash, but maybe that's it till new season.

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      Thanks. Now I can just blame climate change!