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Jan 19, 2013 08:14 AM

Bloomington/Normal, IL Dinner Suggestions

I’m looking for dinner recommendations in B/N. Everything in the archive is pretty outdated. I went to ISU and my parents now live in town (they don’t eat out), but I’m still pretty ignorant of the local non-chain options. We’ve frequented Lucca’s and Maggie Miley’s recently, but that is about it. Any cuisine and price range is ok as long as the food is fresh and delicious. Suggestions?

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  1. Try DeStihl, a local brewery with lots of local foods, in the College Hills mall area, near Hobby Lobby. Lots of delicious options. Also try Biaggi's on Veterans Parkway near the G.E./Vernon Road intersection. Fancy Italian food. Rather noisy inside due to wood floor, but many people really like the food. Also uptown Normal is Medici's, which is the only branch of the restaurant from University of Chicago area. President Obama likes Medici's pizza. The restaurant is better in Hyde Park, but the atmosphere in Normal is pleasant. Try Orient Gourmet, near T.J.Maxx on Veterans Parkway, for generally good (for central Illinois) Chinese and sushi. We also like Puran, across from Cub Food's, for delicious Indian food. It's never too busy and the food attracts many local Indians.