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Jan 19, 2013 08:11 AM

Planning Mom's Birthday - Party for Eight

Here's the challenge:
+ 8 adults (or wanna be's) to sit at a long table
+ want a reservation
+ a mom sentimental to French bistros, atmosphere - no fixed prix - not too urban or hip. American style. (Luna Park looked a bit too urban - but haven't been there.)
+ Saturday night (Feb 9) ... places are filling up.
+ Targeting $70 per person ... no $$$$ places

Can be anywhere in the city - but hopefully not dead (I worry about financial district). Happy for out of the box ideas - otherwise why would I ask. Thanks for some leads.

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  1. Le Olivier is in the Fi Di and hidden away, so not really in a busy part of town.

    Le Central comes to mind as well.

    I just had a lovely meal at Cocette on Hyde street. small little french place on russian/nob hill.

    1. Second Le Central. I also like Chez Papa on Potrero Hill.