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Jan 19, 2013 06:28 AM

Birthday dinner for Toronto wine guy

Looking for some help for a birthday dinner for two (maybe three) for a Toronto friend who is a serious wine collector/consumer and foodie. The parameters are: not interested in paying silly prices, but willing to spend for a great experience; appreciates classic, but probably leans toward best new thing/young chef type place - great young chef and classic wine service would be ideal; pretty flexible on type of cuisine, although probably meat over a straight seafood place; atmosphere cannot be stuffy / artsy crowd is a better bet; staying downtown, so someplace reassonably easy to get to.

Hope that presents a enough - and a good challenge for you. Thanks!!

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  1. Really hoping for some help on this before it falls too far down the board. Thanks!

      1. Here are some suggestions:
        Atlas Room
        Boundary Road
        Oval Room
        Mintwood Place

        1. Exactly how young does this chef have to be?

          A lot of 'young chefs' serve exclusively tasting menus like at Rogue 24. As the name implies, don't expect stuffy or formal.

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          1. re: Steve

            Thanks for the info. No age. Just trying to convey that my friend likes a chef-centric restaurant doing interesting things. Shoud CityZen be on my list to consider?

          2. i had the perfect suggestion, til you said "easy to get into". really, places that have all that going for them are usually not so easy to get into, but if you are dining during the week OR able to reserve in advance, i'd highly recommend Proof. It is a really great wine bar with an equally great restaurant, good service, Penn Qtr location w/ valet also across the street from metro. Prices not too bad for the quality.

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            1. re: DCDOLL

              Thanks for the suggestion. My query was for someplace "reasonably easy to get to" for someone staying downtown, not "easy to get into," so Penn Qtr is a good fit.